🗳️👫 KK:H SYS Duets 11/11/21 👬- Power Couple 👭🗳️



  • pastelsandflowerspastelsandflowers Registered Users, Member 114 Posts
    I’m thinking legal action guys idk about you
  • DoloresWyattDoloresWyatt Registered Users, Member 1,254 Posts
    NaniSix said:
    Let me get this straight. We get 6 diamonds per week (24 per month). A single box costs 15 💎, and we may get OLD prizes instead of new ones? We asked for dye free boxes, we don't want it to be so pricey!
    And we all know that implementing a heart system seems to be the only way to rig votes without players being aware of it. God, what a mess!
    And the 6 diamonds per week, is only if players get enough points on both Throwback SYS and weekend SYS. I sometimes can't play during the week and don't make it to the 2nd diamond reward. And in those TS groups I'm not the only one who doesn't reach the earnable diamonds. Who knows what it will be like with this new hearts system....
    So those 24 a month aren't guaranteed, which is why all players need a diamond business. 
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    edited November 2021
    Here's a closer look at how it works!

    Don’t know if this has been asked before in this thread but ‘use your ticketS to submit A look’ this concerns me, are we gonna have to use 2 tickets to submit a couples-look?? 🤔
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    Rikk said:
    It definitely seems like sharing feedback on the forum isn’t creating the changes we want in the game. I guess the best way to make our voice heard is with App store reviews or just by halting all purchases until further notice. 

    No diamond packs, no ticket packs, no triple threat, no k-star packs, no fashion goals. If you’re unhappy, please stop encouraging them by spending. 

    Yes, yes, yes! I couldn't agree more, it's the only way this greedy company will implement changes that we actually want.
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  • BellbottomBellbottom Registered Users, Member 184 Posts
    I'm not opening any boxes, so I'm curious. 
    Are you planning on opening the new diamond boxes?

    No: agree
    Yes: like
    No I won’t open it because I don’t have 15 diamonds 😂. But I am curious to see new diamond box pallet . 

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  • FoxieLolaFoxieLola Registered Users, Member 651 Posts
    I'm hoping at the very least they make diamonds a TS prize for duets FOR ALL TIERS!! They are in the picture of how to play but I'm hoping they are a bit more generous (I'm laughing even typing generous when it comes to Glu) but 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  • morganngabriellemorganngabrielle Registered Users, Member 304 Posts
    I’m curious,

    who will definitely NOT be participating in the SYS Duets this weekend?

    please “agree” this post
  • NinishNinish Registered Users, Member 235 Posts
    I’m curious,

    who will definitely NOT be participating in the SYS Duets this weekend?

    please “agree” this post
    I don’t really care for any of the prices and I’m so tired of this game as it is. Gonna give myself the weekend off which will be nice! But it’ll be interesting to see here on the forum what everyone else’s opinion of it is!
  • Kkh_AnastasiaKkh_Anastasia Registered Users, Member 1,882 Posts
    I did purchase the male outfit for my partner but only the pants showed up in his closet. I wish I was surprised but obviously I’m not and I’m kinda beyond caring at this point. 
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  • JohanaaJohanaa Registered Users, Member 503 Posts

    🦋Android Player🦋
  • josiejosiejosiejosie Registered Users, Member 156 Posts
    So... what are we suppose to wear??

  • KkhAngelicaKkhAngelica Registered Users, Member 6,706 Posts
    I’m guessing we were gowns/tuxedos. 
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    ?????? Omg.. if before I didn't spend my diamonds, now then... 🤣🤣🤣
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  • alvaasalvaas Registered Users, Member 388 Posts
    Johanaa said:

    Wait, why is the ts prize not the outfit in the picture? That’s the diamond box?
  • Mell22Mell22 Registered Users, Member 41 Posts
    I don't know if I'm going play this SYS, it's just getting worse and worse. 🤮🤮
  • sariesarie Registered Users, Member 824 Posts
    @alvaas the banner frequently features diamond box items for the event if not all the time but I'm not 100% sure
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  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 808 Posts
    I want to bring up another SYS glitch. How is it that we’re STILL experiencing the glitch that changes your placement AFTER the 20mins have passed? 

    This weekday SYS I came in 7th. I collected my prize, and now it says I’m 9th. 
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  • JulietaluciaJulietalucia Registered Users, Member 380 Posts
    The event hasn’t even started but we already have 9 pages full of people saying that we have neverrrrr asked for this. Glu is really diggin its own grave with this awful updates
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