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jasminnlgjasminnlg Registered Users, Member 317 Posts
Hello dolls. I got a new phone and I want to install the game in my new phone. I might be wrong but is it true there’s complications when you install game in a new device? Would I lose progress or? 


  • b4tgirlb4tgirl Registered Users, Member 201 Posts
    Last time I changed devicesI left the game Open on the older device while I logged into facebook, that's the only way I found I didn't lose any progress. Just close the game on the older device when you get the notif that you can't have the game open on both phones
  • carramen_carramen_ Registered Users, Member 562 Posts
    @jasminnlg The game has been having a problem connecting to Facebook so i wouldn't uninstall your game from your old phone until you're sure you've recovered your progress on your new one. Just be cautious about it.
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  • FaeFae Registered Users, Member 893 Posts
    If you have an iPhone, I restored my game a couple of weeks ago from iCloud storage and didn’t lose anything! And a few days ago I transferred everything from one phone to the other via Apple’s transfer system and the game was exactly where I picked off. 

    It might be different with other phones since Facebook is having so many issues, but it works on iPhone at least!
  • jasminnlgjasminnlg Registered Users, Member 317 Posts
    Thank you so much !
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