🎆✨KK:H Update v13.0 8 Year Kimiversary ~ Kimfinite Possibilities✨!🎆



  • NikarafNikaraf Registered Users, Member 1,994 Posts
    @reeb OH. MY. GOD! I’m obsessed! Thank you for this gorgeous edit 🥺 Made my day 🥰
    Been actively playing since October 2020. 
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  • AnjakkhAnjakkh Registered Users, Member 1,290 Posts
    reeb said:
    a lil kimiversary edit while we wait! ft @Nikaraf and @madeeline 💖

    It’s gorgeous!! 😍 I love it 
    My doll’s name is Anja✨
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  • reebreeb Registered Users, Member 319 Posts
    edited June 2022
    @KkhAngelica @Anjakkh thank you dolls so much! ❤️

    @Nikaraf I’m so happy 🥹🥰 you’re the sweetest!!

    iOS ❤️‍🔥 A+++
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  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 2,843 Posts
    Oh man! I was expecting to find the items already and the new kollection. The wait is killing me! 
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  • mary1313mary1313 Registered Users, Member 189 Posts
    mary1313 said:

    i was sending customer care about the issue and when i was sending the picture of the newsletter i accidentally sent a picture of my cat😭😭 i tried clicking on it to delete it but theres no delete option
    I see no reason why they removed the confirmation button when you choose a picture. 
    Its like they want that to happen. 
    I'm glad it was just a cat!
    lmaoo fr
    (IOS) my name and my doll's name is maryjoe , she/her ,  middle eastern , have been playing since 2021 but on and off.
  • SophieLouiseKKHSophieLouiseKKH Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Please bring back the gifting option so we can help others 💗
  • D98D98 Registered Users, Member 560 Posts
    reeb said:
    a lil kimiversary edit while we wait! ft @Nikaraf and @madeeline 💖

    Wow!!!! Beautiful and perfect 😲😀❤️
  • goodjucegoodjuce Registered Users, Member 97 Posts
    reeb said:
    a lil kimiversary edit while we wait! ft @Nikaraf and @madeeline 💖

    everyone looks stunning! you’re so talented @reeb
  • kkhaylinakkhaylina Registered Users, Member 202 Posts
    reeb said:
    a lil kimiversary edit while we wait! ft @Nikaraf and @madeeline 💖

    I wish I could edit this good, it looks stunning just like the dolls <3
    albanian ios player ♡
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,828 Posts
    So the TB items still aren't in the closet. They're never added that late. That's no fun at all. Is the email with the gift fixed so you actually get the gift? I saw that I got the email but I was going to wait to click on that part. 
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  • KkhAngelicaKkhAngelica Registered Users, Member 6,867 Posts
    @DelphineGarnier tb items last year were added once the sale started, so I guess they’re doing the same this year. I think they only add the tb items the night before for BF.
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  • elle_babyelle_baby Registered Users, Member 302 Posts
    Not me checking the app every five minutes like this is a sale with real clothes that are gonna sell out—
    FOR REALLLL, glad i’m not the only one 🤣
  • Reina12Reina12 Registered Users, Member 1,088 Posts
    reeb said:
    a lil kimiversary edit while we wait! ft @Nikaraf and @madeeline 💖

    Wow! I love the detail and the edit linking yalls arms! You are very talented. 
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,828 Posts
    @KkhAngelica it's hard for me to remember since we have a whole year in between and I must have remembered things wrong since I thought we got the tbs on Wednesdays for both sales. At least the sale starts today anyway.
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  • TheValkyrieTheValkyrie Registered Users, Member 220 Posts
    Yay 🥰

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  • Chloè_KKHChloè_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,377 Posts
    Happy Kimiversary! Regarding the email that was sent last night, we know there was a glitch and many of you couldn't open the gift. If you're on the email list, the gift has been sent to you directly without another email!

    Got it, thanks!
  • madeelinemadeeline Registered Users, Member 230 Posts
    Thank you so much for the edit :smiley: it made my semi-weekend even better!
    reeb said:
    a lil kimiversary edit while we wait! ft @Nikaraf and @madeeline 💖

  • Arina_kkhArina_kkh Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    @kkhaylina per here t'pare po e shoh nje shqiptare ktu :D
  • keke0388keke0388 Registered Users, Member 1,556 Posts
    @KalindaKing I’m having trouble getting added to the email list? What should I do? I contacted customer support and they said they added me but I still don’t have any emails from kkh.
  • poppylockspoppylocks Registered Users, Member 148 Posts
    idk if anybody noticed or said anything before but this glitch is really bothering me

  • spoiled_bratspoiled_brat Registered Users, Member 121 Posts
    I got the 5K stars and 20 energy but i didn't get the gifts from this
  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 2,843 Posts
    Apparently I'm not in the email list anymore because I didn't get the reward 😔. @KalindaKing is there any way to change the email I registered back when we got the free black dress and handbag? 
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    Christmas lover 🎄
  • MrsBearden_kkh14MrsBearden_kkh14 Registered Users, Member 1,244 Posts
    Hi dolls! Did everyone get their gift?  Apologies i am in the middle of a gig.
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  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,828 Posts
    edited June 2022
    I got no reward. 
    Edit: Never mind. It popped up when I restarted the tablet.
    Platform: Android

  • jennahbannerjennahbanner Registered Users, Member 260 Posts
    I was supposed to get the 5 kstars and 20 energy but instead got 1000 kash and energy🤡
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