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    PLEASE add these poses to the game!!
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    edited February 2022
    •Stop the Brooklyn and Toronto stores open after we reach the 10 customers goal, it's annoying to keep getting notifications about them when i already reached the goal

    •give us a barefoot and socks only options
    When we have a pool/ sleepover sys it doesn't make sense to wear heels and we don't have enough options for flat shoes

    •remove the "not fully dressed" from the sys, if we have long dress that covers the feet why do we even need shoes? We can't see it anyway...
    Also, it will help the sys themes when a barefoot option is needed

    •have another comeback after A+++, the game is starting to get boring when you reach A+++ because there is no goal to reach for, just keep playing to reach#1 and that's it

    •make a group chat for the squad or let us write private message for squad members

    •give us another options to earn diamonds
    I know it was requested for a million times already but one more won't hurt anyone 
    -Instead the so chic give us money just switch it to diamonds 
    -open a store that gives us diamonds when we finish the gig 
    -you can also add an option to watch videos to get diamonds like we have for money, k stars and energy
    -bring back the gigs that gives us diamonds when we finish them
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  • babysoph888babysoph888 Registered Users, Member 27 Posts
    Like we can have our pets, we should be able to hold our babies…
  • KittyPrydeKittyPryde Registered Users, Member 77 Posts
    I'm quite a new player, but these are the things that I believe are missing from the game:

    -An option to interact with our Squad. If a chat isn't possible, a "Status" that other Squad members can see. That way we could let them know what's going on.
    -Some sort of "Squad goals", where we all get rewards for being active players. For example, if we earn a certain amount of XP in a week, we all receive some K-Stars or Diamonds.
    -Refill Kudos daily or give us more Kudos. It just doesn't work.

    Kloset & Kustomization:
    -Hairstyles we can buy with Kash.
    -More Kash options in the kloset in general, specially shoes.
    -Dark brown eyeshadow (without changing the shape).

    Gift boxes:
    -Options to open a second box using Kash, specially with daily gift box and black boxes. They're not worth the K-Stars.
    -Update the rewards on the Squad, daily and black boxes.
    -Switch up the "Weekday Throwback" event from time to time and give us the chance to get a "seasonal box". For example, the rewards could be Black Box-Gold Box-Throwback-Seasonal box.

    Businesses and currency:
    -A business that gives Diamonds. They can be added to existing businesses like SoChic London.
    -Re-use some existing buildings, like il Forte in Florence. We used it for the wedding and never again.
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  • MagnoliA95MagnoliA95 Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
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    -Hear me out for a second… open world concept. Something like IMVU or other open world 3D games where we will be able to chat with other dolls, visit each other and be able to have unique houses and rooms that others can visit. Maybe even have something like the sims where we can build our houses or rooms however we like but still have an open world that we can see dolls from all over the world (or maybe the server only allows people in your contact list)

    - another idea I have is the ability for every city we go to on the map, either people in our friends list or random users all over the world that are also in the same city can populate there and we will be able to interact with them, talk to them, befriend them, maybe even trading and bartering. 

    -Ideally I think many users would love if we took the 2D world into the 3D open concept world were we can actually see other dolls walking around and able to talk to other dolls
  • Lulu8994Lulu8994 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    For the love of god, please make Raul, Cassio, Lexi, Declan, etc. dateable and eligible for marriage! We’ve requested this for a loooong time and it’s like no one is listening. We’re out here spending time and money on your game and this isn’t much to ask for in return. It’s time to give the people what they want. 
  • LexKKHLexKKH Registered Users, Member 725 Posts
    edited March 2022

    Please let squad members/Facebook members able to send Partnership boxes!! It’s hard to get partnerships and it’s great that we can still earn partnership rewards beyond getting the clothing prize! It’s just hard to get partnerships:( so please put this into the game/something similar!


    I may have already suggested this (not sure) but I would like competitions where for example my squad is against another squad or is against multiple squads on a leaderboard, a bit like 8 ball pool 💀.

    Some squads should be able to opt out of competing, because they are eg: too busy, not causal players

    Some challenges should have a certain amount of members, like 6 (picked by the leader) and they can win prizes for the whole squad (but the competitors get a small bonus on top of the prizes everyone in the squad gets).

    Also an event suitable for the whole squad to compete in (eg: people with working lives) would be good.

    As we have real lives maybe the whole squad competing should not occur as often as the selected member challenges.

    I think this would be fun! It allows teamwork, leadership and other members to cheer on from the sidelines 


    It would also be cool to maybe have a small weekly competition within the squad like who can do the most [_____] in a week. 

    This would be perfect for those not opting to do competitions and would be nice for a bit of friendly fire. The rewards for this shouldn’t be too major but if people go above a threshold (50 reality shows or something) then I think the prizes should increase:)

    Maybe k-stars or a new way to earn diamonds would be a great prize!
    Although if it was for diamonds people could hack energy and win constantly, so you can do this:

    • If it’s a task that requires energy to be used in large amounts then make the reward k-stars.

    • If it is a task that doesn’t require energy/very little amounts, make the reward diamonds.


    It would also be a perfect opportunity to introduce chats 
    If a squad doesn’t want a chat give them an option to be a non-chat squad/silent squad

    Edit: attempted to make this more legible. 

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  • milkamilka Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    • Make kudos daily. Ii takes way too long to recharge and by the time we have kudos the teammates' achievemnts are old and we can't see them to give them kudos. 
    • Squad chat. It would be really nice to communicate with the rest of the squad members instead of them being just there. 
    • More baby clothes and be able to hold our baby. Pretty self explanatory. Babies have not gotten new clothes in years and they don't do anything in the game except from existing and have them in photos. 
    • Change Maria's and Simon's constant calls. Instead of Maria and Simon being annoying and colling us literally every 2 minutes to remind us to visit their office, have them call us and ask if we want to be reminded in an hour or in a day, like RT does with our bussineses. 
    • Make the handhelds be for both genders. 
    • I swear I don't mean this in a weird way lol but add toenail polish. 
    • Don't skip the vote when we click shop this look.
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  • LexKKHLexKKH Registered Users, Member 725 Posts
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    Suggestion 1:

    Can we have like a wardrobe for contacts.

    Eg: we can store some away for SYS duets, and then have the ones not maxxed out on the top of the list. 

    Previously I would deleted everyone who I was a maxxed contact with but now we can dress them, I don’t really want to get rid of some people.

    So a way to sort them would be good, and it would be easier to play.

    Suggestion 2:

    Please allow us a way to manually save our game & also make it so it automatically does it too, thank you.


    Suggestion 3:

    Allow us to build relationships more with friends and allow us to get increased rewards for passing milestones 🙏
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  • MagnoliA95MagnoliA95 Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    edited March 2022
    -Ability to make items you are wearing lockable, for example..maybe you want to strip your doll down to her underwear and start over but you want the jewelry or nails or wings or even a part of your outfit to remain. There should be an option to lock in the top my dolls wearing so I don’t have to scroll through and search for it if I want to strip her down to start over but still keep on a few items. 

    -Please add an undo and redo button in the closet and sys. How many times does this happen when you are scrolling your catalog and accidentally click on something you didn’t want to wear? Literally every time and it is so incredibly annoying and time consuming. With the undo button we don’t have to deal with the hassle of scrolling all over again to find something obscure. 

    -Ability to add items to a “favorites list” which means we can add a lot of our favorite commonly used items to one list and won’t have to keep scrolling looking for it every time 

    -two tabs on lookbooks, 1 tab shows the users lookbook styled on their doll, the second tab shows the lookbook styled on your doll. I feel like we don’t get the full impact of what peoples lookbooks are trying to translate because it’s always a mixture of whatever our dolls wearing and the lookbook items in their default color 
  • MagnoliA95MagnoliA95 Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    edited March 2022
    Let me suggest to you how some categories in the closet catalog should be. A lot of things are all over the place. Certain categories NEED sub categories for a better user experience. Please follow my example down below, hopefully you get the gist


    Long Hair subcategories = curly hair, straight, waist length, ponytail, Dyed hair (might I add, there are a lot of wrongly placed hair in the long hair category, a lot of these hairstyles belong in short hair or hats)

    Short Hair subcategories = Pixie cut, Bobs, Curly, Ponytail, Dyed (again there are some wrongly placed hair in this category that should belong in hats)

    Hats: headbands, scarves, baseball caps, fedora, crowns and bows, costume 

    Dress Subcategories = costume, knee length, floor length, mini dress, maxi dress, midi dress, two piece outfit, jumpsuit, romper etc

    long sleeve shirt category = hoodies, business casual, blouse, coats/jackets 

    t-shirts subcategories = crop top, sports bra, t-shirt, blouse, business casual 

    pants subcategories = casual, business, active wear, stockings 

    Heels subcategories = wedge, kitten heels, stilettos, knee high, Mary Janes, Stockings, costume (you get the gist. All of these shoe types have a name and there should be appropriate sub categories for them same goes for all the items just plopped in boots and sneakers. They all have names, there should be subcategories to represent what the shoe is. This is a fashion game after all. If a shoe is a slipper why plop it in sneakers? There should be a subcategory  in there for slippers, flats, sneakers, combat boots, knee high boots etc) 

    Handbag subcategories = handheld bags, shoulder bags, brief cases and backpacks

    Jewelry subcategories = earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, rings, costume jewelry 

    handheld subcategories = food and drinks, gloves, electronics, costume, flowers, business casual etc

    misc subcategories = wings, animals, auras, tattoos (btw tattoos should be moved to body paint section where the highlight/contour is)

    for the sake of myself not writing out every single category and what subcategories I omitted some categories because I’m not even sure if I’m just wasting my time here or if a glu staff member will actually read or implement anything but you get the point. 
  • jwawawajwawawa Registered Users, Member 225 Posts
    This is how I would organize the kloset:

    (Caps is main button on kloset main page, one dash is initial tab in that section, three dashes is sub category;; all sections would also incluse an "all" subcategory to see all subcategories at once, and would be the default subcategory shown, but every every single item would also fit into a subcategory)

    (Color tabs would be in addition to being able to change color when selecting an item)

    FACE (change to DOLL)
    -Colors (a tab to change colors of everything facial/body: eyes, brows, lips, hair, eye makeup, nails, skin tone, etc all in one place)
    ---facial shape
    ---facial features
    ---beauty marks
    ---facepaint (move face mask, skull, and cat whisker facepaints here)
    ---facial piercings
    ---colors (change colors for eyes, makeup, and brows)
    ---eye shape
    ---eye finish
    ---eye glam
    ---brow shape
    ---body piercings (please add this! Lol)
    ---fashion nails (change to glam)

    -Long Hair
    -Short Hair
    -With Accents
    ---head scarves/wraps

    ---thigh length 
    ---knee length 
    ---ankle length 
    ---floor length 

    ---sports bras
    ---crop tops
    ---short sleeves
    ---elbow length sleeves
    ---long sleeves
    ---button ups

    ---suit pants

    ---peep toe/open toe
    ---ballet shoes (basic flats)
    ---sandles (and flip-flops)
    -Boots (include all boots here, heeled and flat)
    ---with ankle socks
    ---with knee socks
    ---with thigh stockings
    ---with full tights

    ---collar length
    ---matinee length
    ---opera length
    ---shoulder dusters
    ---headset mic
    ---right arm
    ---left arm

    ---shopping bags
    ---gift bags and boxes
    ---fashion (shoes, credit card, etc)
    ---knowledge (books, diploma, letters, notepads)
    ---gloves (but ideally make this it's own section and have gloves work with handhelds)

    -Hair Accessories
    -Eye Accessories
    ---transparent sunglasses
    ---opaque sunglasses
    -Shoulder items
    ---shoulder bags
    ---crossbody bags
    ---shopping bags
    ---misc (skates, umbrella, etc)
    -Stockings/Leggins (without shoes)

  • LexKKHLexKKH Registered Users, Member 725 Posts
    edited March 2022
    My idea is EYESHADOW.

    Not just any type of basic coloured eyeshadow…
    Many dolls stick to a certain eyeshape because they like it and it suits their dolls, some eyeshapes limit dolls from wearing it all the time due to default colours/styling or how it generally looks on the face. To tell the truth some eye-shapes simply do not fit our dolls face… so we stick to what looks good.

    I say we give dolls a selection of eyeshapes to add to the closet, nice eyeshapes!!! but at the same time allow us to earn different eyeshadows and decorate the eyeshapes we love.

    This would mean, we don’t have to change the shape of our eyes all the time, we can stick to the ones we like and decorate them with earnables KKH gives us.

    I’ve shown above two examples of eyeshadows on the same eyeshape.

    I also have ideas for how it could look in the closet. vvv (shown below)

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  • ChicCharlotteChicCharlotte Registered Users 571 Posts

    -Please add an undo and redo button in the closet and sys. How many times does this happen when you are scrolling your catalog and accidentally click on something you didn’t want to wear? Literally every time and it is so incredibly annoying and time consuming. With the undo button we don’t have to deal with the hassle of scrolling all over again to find something obscure. 
    I came to this thread to suggest this very thing! An “UNDO” button would be a lifesaver! An appreciated time saver anyway. 😊
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  • SebastianKKHSebastianKKH Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
    Male dolls to have same handhelds as females. This requires minimal extra effort…
  • LexKKHLexKKH Registered Users, Member 725 Posts
    edited March 2022
    So as I said above, if we did something like 2-5 shifts a week, we could get between 4-10 diamonds on 'pay-day' depending on how many shifts we completed. 

    Each shift = 2 diamonds

    Working at any shop is pointless as there are more effective ways of getting money, so let’s give working a purpose🙏.
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  • marcepaneqmarcepaneq Registered Users, Member 50 Posts
    I would really like to have something like a wishlist to see all the clothes you want buy/earn. 

    Also, weekday throwback events should have different prizes...if you want to stick to throwback box, okay, but let it be 3rd. The main prize should be worth the effort. You could put a monthly box as the last prize.

    Amount of dyes!! If you won't resign from putting them in the box, at least give us more drops 
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  • chloe333chloe333 Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    edited March 2022
    - be able to trade with any other player (trade clothing, hairs, etc)

    - have more items be cash instead of k-stars

    - have more skin tones (maybe an option to specifically choose our skin tone instead of having options to choose)

    - have an option for hair streaks/hair ombres on existing hairs (basically be able to add those to hairs that don't
    have it)

    - stop putting the male items in kudos boxes if we can't wear them 

    - for the vip events for the second prize it should be spending less k-stars instead of 300 (no one has that much to spend often)

    - have bangs that we can add on top of hairs

  • balemmaciagabalemmaciaga Registered Users, Member 105 Posts
    - between regular storyline tasks we should be able to go to different gig sites and request to do certain gigs for either 3 hrs or 8 hrs in place of waiting for Simon’s random calls - for example going to Tendenza/Muse/Brittania/Femme and selecting a fashion show for 3 or 8 hrs, or JBN/Mirimount/Raja for 3 or 8 hr commercial/movie - even if each location was only available every X hours (kind of like VIP hangouts) - this would make completing gig-based achievements (On a Roll, Flawless Acting, etc) so much easier!! So it would be like how we are able to pick the duration of Parties and Reality fillings at will.. idk about anyone else but when Simon calls I usually only get photoshoots and appearances 
    - definitely update achievements levels for accessories and even gigs, since some people have been playing for a long time and these are nice ways to earn extra stars/kash/etc

    ^^sorry I didn’t know how to make these more concise 😂😂
  • balemmaciagabalemmaciaga Registered Users, Member 105 Posts
    It would be nice if glam eyes didn’t always change the shape of the eyes themselves - like if we could just get the colors of the glam eyeshadow on our regular eyes
  • Ruby_JadeRuby_Jade Registered Users, Member 76 Posts
    * Daily Kudos
    * Ability To Use Day/Night Items In SYS (We barely ever get to use those and see them changing.)
    * Opportunity For More Babies & More Baby Clothes 
    * Do More With Babies In Game
    * Spouse Should Earn A Paycheck
    * More Spousal Interaction That Advances Game Play
    * More Ability To Earn Diamonds (Monthly paying customers should get diamonds added to the perks as this is a very expensive game to play.) 
    * Keep Improving design quality of the clothes and etc. as it makes it more visually appealing. 
    * Add pets to the properties that don’t have them. (Ex. Tribeca)
    * Ability for Squad Leader to advise her peeps. 
    * Perks should regenerate after they are all awarded like The Partnerships do. 
    * More makeup! And more body paint! 

    *** Great game visually but extremely expensive to fully enjoy. The fact that some of us pay $50 a month and are still spending more on top of that is not a great way to generate more players. I can’t recommend the game to friends as they would never pay out the kind of cash it takes to really enjoy playing. Reel it in! 😜 💖💝💖

  • SebastianKKHSebastianKKH Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
    If you’re now giving guys female items/clothing as rewards for sys and in boxes, then why can’t we can’t we participate in weekend events for prizes? These are things we could use in Sys Duet.
    Instead we have nothing to do in weekends.

    Could this be corrected if you’re not giving male dolls new items?
  • shankkhshankkh Registered Users, Member 1,094 Posts
    edited March 2022
    Can there be either a kstar reward or another type of reward for hitting number 1 on the Top Stars list? I reached #1 after my 3rd comeback thinking I would get something but I didn’t get anything at all. Maybe like 50 kstars or a new partnership?? And maybe after the 3rd comeback we can stay number 1 instead of constantly being pushed back by NPCs if there will only be 3 comebacks?? And if we don’t stay number one we can start back at the D-list and work towards the kstars reward 
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  • quinnkkhquinnkkh Registered Users, Member 97 Posts
    Put a LOOKBOOK button in the SYS. 
    Get rid of duets. 

  • KittyPrydeKittyPryde Registered Users, Member 77 Posts
    • 4th comeback storyline.
    • "Comeback" for your reality show. Once you get number 1 on Top shows, you get offered to do a spin off series and can start again, with better rewards this time around.
    • Add 1 diamond as a reward for So Chic London. This could be unlocked after completing the "So chic challenge" 10 times.
    • More benefits to having a spouse. Besides the clothing and paying for the tab, they could give us K-Stars or Diamonds from time to time.
    • Add more "Achievements" and/or more levels to the existing ones.
    • Remove VIP partnerships from the daily gift box.
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  • soohvasconsoohvascon Registered Users, Member 26 Posts
    edited April 2022
    • When traveling, don’t make the current location’s button disappear. Make it another color, but keep it there, so we can keep track of the places we’re going to, specially when tapping objects to get extra energy!
  • KkhAngelicaKkhAngelica Registered Users, Member 6,826 Posts
    Please add video for DIAMONDS at least 5 a day. 
    IOS player 💜 
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  • DelenaGovatoDelenaGovato Registered Users, Member 575 Posts
    edited April 2022
    This two looks❤️

    Wrong thread sorry 🥺
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