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  • AliBryantAliBryant Advanced Member Registered Users 6,140 Posts
    Suggestion for VIP events: let us earn k stars for completing the weekend quests, the same way we get stars or hearts for finishing the weekend quests when it's dates, gigs or parties.
  • MkloveMklove Experienced Member Registered Users 275 Posts
    Is it possible to buy the special items in a pack rather than gambling? It can be direct cash or with stars but it is getting annoying to gamble each week and not to earn shat we are intending to buy.

    Also, if an item is presented as available in daily gift boxes (which are white), why we do see them also in the weekend boxes that we buy for 40 stars? This is unfair as well as the 4000 cash and 50 energy
  • Jenn0503Jenn0503 New Member Registered Users 41 Posts
    [*]Bring Maximilian Alucard back
    Hes like my perfect kinda guy
    [*]More activities to do with husband and baby
    [*]more locations and home
    [*] be able to rent out out home for weekly income
    [*] able to own more stores maybe own a restaurant or other kinda places
    [*] maybe a movie theater
    [*] more baby clothes
    [*] only buy clothes once for boyfriend
    Everytime i brake up wt someone and im wt someone new i have to buy outfit again thats a waste of my money
    [*] see my avatar actually kissing and holding hands actually doing the actions it says we do on dates
    It gets boring just seeing her stand their like really ?
  • PolkaDotPolkaDot Senior Member Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - Please let us hide the 'dots' in the houses and shops. The ones that are not purchased yet.

    - In case we change our mind later about decor, it would be nice to also be able to 'hide' any one piece of decor or furniture, even after we purchased it.

    - Jenn0503, I kinda like the idea of kicking the ex out but keeping the suit you got them! Lol.

    - Edited to add: Please think about letting us change assistants. I would like to change my So Chic online assistant because I thought I was choosing the team player hard worker woman but I chose the flake by mistake! Lol. When it came time to choose, their names were not over their heads. So I got the two mixed up.

    - It would also be nice, for those who do not like their in store assistants, to be able to dress them again, or (alternately, if that's trouble to program), to choose a different looking NPC than the one they got (randomly) before. Some of the outfits posted in Hookah thread, on the shop clerks, are a bit random. (Choosing another clerk could work similarly to the baby choice menu.)
  • ashley0307ashley0307 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    Please make cheaper furniture! They used to be all like 500-2000 but all the new ones are like 10 000-30 000 and that's wayy too expensive! It would be fine if we would get more money from the gigs and so chics than we used be before but we don't. So please make the furniture cheaper🙏🏼
  • PolkaDotPolkaDot Senior Member Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - More makeup please and can it be more subtle? And in a palette suitable to the paler skin tones? The bolder colors make my doll look a bit clownish.

    Thank you.
  • lleppanenlleppanen New Member FinlandRegistered Users 1 Posts
    - The possibility to create your own bf/gf OR create two characters in the beginning (your star and their possible future partner) with customization (starter hair, face, clothing and name)

    - More makeup colours

    - More hairstyles for women (also bald possibly?)

  • Carol DavidaCarol Davida Expert Member Brooklyn, NY🌇🌉🌃🗽Registered Users 6,145 Posts
    Glu can please add those poses so that my doll can do on photoshoots and fashion shows? Thanks.



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  • Andrzej_S.Andrzej_S. Advanced Member Registered Users 1,194 Posts
    NO MORE WATCHES for the men in the weekend events. I don't need 50 watches! Please instead consider replacing them with more earnable hairstyles (especially if they're long ones)
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  • mrsarchuleta89mrsarchuleta89 Junior Member USARegistered Users 81 Posts
    ● VIP Events where you spend CASH to get rewards instead of stars for rewards
    ● Purple hair color option
    ● New facial feature options like the eyes and lips from the Glam Squad Event
    ● More hairstyles, cute updo's?!
  • Stardust1Stardust1 Advanced Member Sâo Paulo, BrazilRegistered Users 764 Posts
    ● Improve event storylines. Guys if you need help with that I'm sure many players will be able to help.
    ● Once event storylines are complete having a prize. I know many think about having a bonus of stars, I think we could have 1 hour or 2 of free energy, if the storylines are good enough that would gave us one last buzz to win the prices at the end of the event. If you keep on giving us this storylines that seem to have no point we'll just keep on playing the events as always but I think giving us a fare shot to win will increase the interest.
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  • RocStarRocStar New Member New YorkRegistered Users 20 Posts
    Hi! Just a "few" general suggestions:

    - Ability to organize our closets however we want. This would be FANTASTIC!!!No more hunting around and forgetting where our items are.

    - Have more leggings, scarves, mini skirts in other colors, jackets to add to an outfit, hats.

    - clothing separates-- like more shirts, skirts, mini skirts.

    - Ability to put your purse on the other arm. Love the large bags but can't see the outfit bc it's hidden by the bag.

    - Ability to create our spouses/ significant others appearance. Some are just too hideous but we settle so we can have an S.O in the game.

    - More hair colors. Highlights, funky colors, purple, different shades of blonde and brown hair. Option to keep eyebrows a different color than our hair shade.

    - Add new NPC's with the current clothing. I've played since the beginning and am tired of seeing the same faces and poorly coordinated clothes. I also don't want to pay to redress them. Plus it's fun to add new characters and "helpers"

    - Occasionally have pets spit out a K coin. It's like Xmas when we get them.

    - Some type of reward for going to our homes like an energy boost, etc?

    - Midweek events lasting 24 hrs that are abbreviated versions of the weekend events but give extra items.

    - More silver accessories like jewelry, shoes and purses.

    - So random, but please redesign the females feet. The foot facing outward looks like a caveman club and some of the shoe styles look disproportionally wide and unattractive.

  • Lulu01Lulu01 Experienced Member Registered Users 256 Posts
    Hello, could you please sort departures to US flights and the rest of the world? Or national flights and international flights. I could be a faster traveling.
  • NaimonsterNaimonster Expert Member Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    1. Buy 3 gift boxes for 100 KStars (U.P 120 KStars)
    2. More currency sale please, at least once a month
    PM to add
  • maacky05maacky05 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    Please add more cities to the game. Like Washington DC would be cool.
  • kateliciouslykateliciously Experienced Member GermanyRegistered Users 422 Posts
    How about a weekend bonus after getting all the weekend event items? Maybe something like 1 K star for each finished gig? It would give people who had finished the weekend event a motivation to continue to play all weekend.
  • Lulu01Lulu01 Experienced Member Registered Users 256 Posts
    Improving the wardrobe would be great too. Kim is not wearing just the glamorous clothes, she wears a many leather jackets often and t-shirts like METALLICA etc. So adding these "tough" clothes in wardrobe would be bomb. :)
  • SassyVoguetteSassyVoguette Senior Member Sofia, BulgariaRegistered Users 1,510 Posts
    ~ Ability to move the doll (to walk) when on street, at home etc.
    ~ If husband/wife is NPC ability to change i's feautures ( hair, eyes etc.)
    ~ Organise the closet : dresses/tshirts/shirts/ etc
    ~ More make up - eyes, lips
    ~ More CASH hair and different shades of blonde and brown
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  • BNJRINGBNJRING New Member United KingdomRegistered Users 3 Posts
    •Different body shapes that are more realistic so not everyone looks the same
    •A wider range of skin tones
    •More makeup/nail colours like more neutral tones, contouring and longer Kylie style nails
    •Different hair colours like grey, white, ombre, electric blue
    •Different facial structures and features like fuller lips, different noses and face shapes (nicer jawline)
    •More interactions with babies- photoshoots, travelling with them in strollers ,etc.
    •A noticeable pregnancy e.g. waiting period (trimesters and baby bumps)
    •More interactions with husbands and boyfriends at home rather than them just standing there
    •Inviting vip's to your a party will have the sae effect as hanging out with them so after the party you can use them in an event
    •Control of your own social media- ability to reply to Willow etc and gain fans with good posts
    •The ability to design your own clothes- e.g. material, fit, length,colour etc
    •A gym to go to that allows you to hold greater max energy
    •A new house in Beverly Hills next to Kim's
    •No more $4K or 50energy boxes in weekend events (I'm not spending real money to get nothing from the weekend event just cash)
    •The ability to date and marry cassio, more missions with him
    •Your kids age up (newborn-toddler-child-teen-adult) and have birthdays- different tasks with them as they grow up
    •The ability to see your parents and visit them- missions with them
    •The ability to go to bed once a day to regain some energy.
    •More interactions with pets (walking the dog) feeding them etc
  • FrancescahillFrancescahill Advanced Member Registered Users 1,288 Posts
    A more organized closet who looks like this.

    Can be a button in every house just like the nursery directly to our closet.




  • BrianneBrianne Experienced Member Louisiana, USARegistered Users 144 Posts
    Hear me out: what if you gave the player the option to finally make amends with Willow? Frankly, I've just grown tired of the feud between her and my character. I despised her when I first started playing, but now? It's gotten pretty boring. And almost... sad, even? Like, the girl just needs to quit. Let bygones be bygones.

    I feel like it would be a good chance to bring in a new antagonist, too. Maybe a common enemy that the player and Willow have to thwart?
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  • AliBryantAliBryant Advanced Member Registered Users 6,140 Posts
    Open up VIP membership to all.
  • kateliciouslykateliciously Experienced Member GermanyRegistered Users 422 Posts
    I wish that leveling up would unlock more items. I just reached level 34 and the only new item I could buy is a dress for 100 K stars. Maybe there could be at least one Kash and one K star item to unlock with each level.
  • BrianneBrianne Experienced Member Louisiana, USARegistered Users 144 Posts
    Another: How about a wishlist that we could add unowned closet items to? So that when you go to gift something to someone you'll know what they like, rather than just picking some random item that they might never wear.
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  • NaimonsterNaimonster Expert Member Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    For VIP events,

    Having 1 gift box item grants us a feature to earn 1 KStar every gig.
    PM to add
  • PolkaDotPolkaDot Senior Member Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - Items which can ONLY be had if someone else sends them as gift(s.)

    - Throwback sale

    - Half price stars

    - Easier events
  • NixieNixie Junior Member PhilippinesUsers Awaiting Email Confirmation 61 Posts
    So this are the few things i wanted to be added on the game.
    - In order to change the body shape (sexy,skinny,chubby etc) i know that a lot of people wants this so please hear us out.
    - Add more lips,eyes & shape of the face cause seriously those looks that are available on the game are getting boring.
    - Add more hair colors, eye colors, nail polish, eye shadows, lipsticks and skin color ( if possible add lip gloss too).
    - Add more new clothes, shoes, accessories & hairs.
    - Add more theme background for work (ex; Runways show, doing some commercials, photoshoots)
    - Add more clothing and hair to our baby.
    - Add new quests involving our baby and our partner.
    - make our partner appear on the nursery room when we have two child, let us at least have our partner carry the other one not the nanny or we can just call the nanny whenever we want.
    - Add more places.
    - Add more houses, furniture's and cars to buy.
    - Add more so chic store.
    - Change all the VIP's outfit every week or every month at least cause seriously they're outfit are getting boring.
    - Change willow pape, chad dylan parker and crystal fletcher's clothes.
    - Let us have an option to throw a party on clubs and restaurants also an option to take our partner on a date on our own house.
    - More gigs and fans of course.
    - Add new comeback quest.
    - In the future updates make the baby grow and turn them to a toddler where we can walk our own baby and have them on some photoshoots.
    - Add more quest to our so chic's stores and also our so chic's online store.
    - Let us post or write on our own feed.
    - Add more photographer's and fashion designer's to work with.
    - Make the throwback sale every thursday,
    - Add a feature where we can earn an award just like on stardom.
    - Let us have a bodyguard and a secretary to work with ( this time make them work for us perfectly).
    - Let us meet our family; parents, siblings.
    - Let us date Cassio Smith; after you've chosen to flirt with him there should be an option whether we like to take things to the next level or just stay friends.
    - After the hangout with the VIP's they should at least give us a shoutout.
    - Able to interact with the furnitures in the house,
    - Able to change the hair color without changing the eyebrow color.
    - Able to mix hair color (ombre).

    that's all i can suggest for now i hope you read this and make some of this come true.
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  • ViolettaVioletta Junior Member GermanyRegistered Users 50 Posts
    These are my suggestions:

    - Add more hairstyles and makeup
    - Add more skin tone (olive, yellow tone, tan)
    - Add body shapes to make our dolls more realistic
    - Make So Chic London profitable
    - Have more quests with our baby
    - Have a monthly poll (either here or on KKH Facebook, for example, to choose what kind of new hairstyle or clothing that we like to see on this game. Players usually have a lot of brilliant ideas to help Glu to improve this game and attract more players.
    - Last but not least, please remove the 4K cash prize from the 40Kstar event gift boxes :)
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  • ChanrinChanrin Experienced Member The City Of Light &#9829;Registered Users 516 Posts
    ▪A " quick travel " or "map" option; navigating through the destinations list is such a hassle.
    ▪Make the furniture buttons disappear; sometimes I just don't want to buy that extra lamp but the button stays there and ruins the decor
    ▪Stay at home dates; seriously, how long can it take before you grant us that one? ? ? ? ?
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  • WishWish Advanced Member Registered Users 577 Posts
    Enough Tech Support Available to help Paying Customers.
    A customer service number would make sense, for a product this popular, especially with so many issues constantly.
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