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  • hoodstar9hoodstar9 Registered Users, Banned Users 424 Posts
    • I want the old look back because I am tired of these freaking closeups and the fade to black/grey in the background. Keep the quality, remove the zoom. Only have the "zoom" in the makeup/face area of the wardrobe. Stop turning this game into a Kendall & Kylie 2.0 :mad:

    • Two of Kim's outfits are MISSING from the photo booth, this and this. Fix this :mad:

    • Bring back Max Alucard.

    • Socks for guys.

    • Bring back purchasable throwback items during midweek events not all of us want to waste k-stars on throwback sales with blind picks.

    • These outfits as Shop My Closets: 1, 2, 3. Not ALL of Shop My Closet offers have to be three items.

    • Special edition "Shop My Closets" or some sort of special purchase with these outfits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

    • Redo this Shop My Closet and INCLUDE the coat.

    • Film reality TV shows in Santa Barbara.

    • White AND red nail color. I really can't believe this was overlooked e_e

    • Customize NPC contact faces and hair...which has been asked for countless times. I have guys who need to take off those freaking hats.

    • As I have said here. Remove the hotel, replace with a Popglam, Metropolitan magazine, nightclub, or something that would actually of use.

    • A section under "Designer Items" for the Kardashian Kollection.

    A revamp of San Franciso. Seriously whoever set it up I hope you are not working on this game any longer. A simple Google search during update 3.1.0 was all that needed to be done. Get rid of Unity Theater and remove associated storylines with it. Replace with a PopGlam or nightclub, I am thinking a place like the Infusion Lounge.

    • More NARS makeup, Spring items for BOTH guys and girls, and more Judith Leiber bags for purchase in the wardrobe.

    From Stardom Hollywood

    • Bring in the feature of going on a date in the casino. I mean there is nothing else to do there and there are no NPCs there either.

    Max Bling as a new rival but he is Willow/Dirk's manager.

    Stacy Sitwell as the So Chic San Diego manager.

    From Katy Perry Pop

    Simone Sanders as a new rival but she is Chad and Crystal's publicist or manager.

    • The pants, cardigans, shorts, and dresses.

    Nick Mossi as a new agent, Simon gets on my nerves and I couldn't care less about his daughter or bodily functions.
  • AnthonyGivensAnthonyGivens Registered Users 11 Posts
    •Allow us to change eyebrow color!!!!!!! Kim & her sisters don't always dye their eyebrows when they dye their hair
  • SapphoSappho Registered Users 284 Posts
    I recently discovered that another game that I play that employs premium currency has a deal in their store where for €0,99 you get 10 premium currency a day for 30 days. But you have to log in every day to pick it up or it will go to waste. If this game had a deal like that I would have it running constantly.
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  • soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    • A clear button in the wardrobe that strips all your accessories (jewelry/purse) but leaves facial features and hairstyle. Would make it easier for when you want to redo your outfit.
  • PatyPaty Registered Users 195 Posts
    I would love to have Christmas decorations in my homes this time of the year, even if I had to buy them. The same thing could be done in the Halloween season and also other commemorative dates. We could have the option to select and buy items to decorate the houses. And it would also be great if we had the option of having themes for our parties. Themes such as Christmas, Halloween, New Year, adult and child birthday, wedding ... the list of themes is endless. That would make the parties more fun.
  • Amberspa101Amberspa101 Registered Users 123 Posts
    •More interaction from our characters.. I know our avatars talk some or say stuff but I sometimes feel like whenever people talk to us they're having a one sided conversation or talking to a wall.
    •Different/new idle poses for our characters instead of what they have now. The NPCs have better stances than what we have, like Kris has the cutest stances. This is something that should have been done with the update
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  • soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    • Add a feature to the level bar where, when you tap the bar, it shows your earned XP vs. XP needed to level up (i.e. 2450/2500) or just XP needed to level up (i.e. 50)
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,115 Posts
    Can I shamelessly make a Christmas wish on behalf of iOS players? Can you unfrieeze us aand/or our friends? Maybe right after the New Year if it wouldn't be too much trouble? Bad koko. bad bad koko.

    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    Put tb items in daily gift boxes like they did 2 years ago
  • King KylieKing Kylie Registered Users 60 Posts
    Please put newer event items on the tb boxes also!
  • BellaxxBellaxx Registered Users 66 Posts
    We desperately need all red & all white nail polish options! My doll wanted red nails for Christmas :(
  • NQueen331NQueen331 Registered Users 577 Posts
    Hi Glu can you change the A list star from the ugly brown looking color back to the shining gold like it should be? Also while I appreciate the new poses how about some poses for our spouses and significant others. The lovesick puppy dog look is getting really old and annoying. Now that my doll has a family I want them to take normal family pics where her husband doesn't look like a love struck idiot.
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  • Amberspa101Amberspa101 Registered Users 123 Posts
    • Solid colored background options when taking pictures like in the Kendall and Kylie game. I think this would be a really good idea since I myself like simple backgrounds. Even just a white BG option would be good! If Glu had to make it so that we had to spend a couple kstars to get the soiled color bgs I'm sure that would be agreeable.

    • An option to save a transparent version of our characters when saving the photobooth pics. This would be a alternative since I know that there are a lot of people who do kkh edits etc.

    Plus I think either of these would be beneficial for everyone.
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  • CherreyCherrey Registered Users 1,496 Posts
    Please return my beloved white nail polish :(
  • A.P.TA.P.T Registered Users 64 Posts
    For future updates can we own a beauty salon somewhere in Calabasas next to Dash or in Beverly Hills next to Panino, our dolls are all about looking good before going to work so it would be nice to own a beauty Salon,have a beauty session and get rewarded at the end.
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    Add more louboutin shoes in the game. Also add a boutique in Beverly hills were we can buy extra clothes and shoes.
  • BlacChynaBlacChyna Registered Users 43 Posts
    Since we got a restaurant and a club to buy can we have a makeup store?.
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  • SapphoSappho Registered Users 284 Posts
    Can we have either easier to complete parties or at the very least a style bonus on parties so we can complete party events while also still having a life please?
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  • soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    Accessories idea: socks for men. No more bare ankles please!
  • SapphoSappho Registered Users 284 Posts
    Can the angry/evil facial expression on the dancing pose in the photo booth be changed, please?
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  • VatsVats Registered Users 4,773 Posts
    1-Bring back the store’s Throwback sales

    Definitely this was a 2016 highlight. Having a selection of items available at the store for a week or so is a HUGE fan service, I know that bunch of people are willing to spend uncountable K-Stars to get that missed opportunity, but the blind throwback prevent us to do so.

    2-New long hair for guys

    You really did GREAT on that sector during 2016, I appreciate all the effort and consideration! How about keeping up on 2017? I suggest guys to get a very long and wavy ‘princess’ hairstyle as girls get from time to time. A cute passing shoulders length straight hair with an ‘Alice’ headband. Also a similar double bun with half of the hair down as girls have on K&K game.

    3-Separate eye brow/beard colors from

    This is a very popular suggestion between the fandom. Crossing fingers to that to happen soon.

    4-New animations based on energy level

    How about if our dolls start to show up more emotions through the amount of energy they have? They’ve been doing the same expressions and poses since ever. Would go super well with the graphic revamp we had in December. Like at the max energy they can be smiling, winking, making those Victoria Secret’s angel’s faces. While going down start to yawn and things like that until they look bored/tired. We would make much more use of the close-ups with a feature like this.

    5-New tattoos

    We’ve been getting new tattoos lately and please keep they coming! I feel that the arm sleeves tattoos are the favorites between guys and girls. Bring more dragons, fairies, angels and other mythical creatures, a tattoo on Chibi style could be cute too. Would be nice if leg tattoos and chest tattoos were introduced this year. Talking about chest tattoos…

    6-Shirtless option for guys

    C’mon this has been asking forever! I’m sure that all people around are ready to see some eye candy. You can take the opportunity to not just sell chest tattoos, but hair chest as well! Vats can’t wait to coming home and see Bort waiting for him shirtless. This brings the next topic…

    7-Customizable S.O.

    We’re able to change our dolls looks and their babies looks whenever we want. Why not their S.O.? We don’t need to be able to change every NPC, just the one we’re married with. I had luck to find a good looking NPC husband to my doll (would love to change his hairstyle though), but lots of players have to content themselves with NPCs of poor random appearance.

    8-Be able to choose the time of dates

    This would be a HUGE gameplay improvement! This game has a big divorce ratio and this is one of the reason, people lose their patience while waiting to the time they want to show up or didn’t even try to avoid becoming frustrated. Let’s make 2017 the happiest year for KKH couples!

    9-From babies to toddlers (and tiaras!)

    Be able to growing up our babies should become an optional feature of the game. Maybe with that they could acquire some new kind of function or bring some sort of mini-game with them. Of course new clothing and hair is mandatory here, we want to spoil these kiddos!

    10-Get rid of the creepy Nanny

    Well at least for those who are married in the game, this way the S.O. keeps at the nursery holding the second child. Please!

    11-Guys be able to wear layered socks

    This is a MUST have! Sometimes we have the perfect matching outfit and shoes, but all comes down because the doll’s ankle is showing up. Give us guys some socks to buy and layer under those shoes that don’t come with socks. Please, please, please!

    12-New creative/fun/cute accessories

    Girls’ parrot, guys Rudolph slippers and polaroid camera that’s what I’m talking about here. They give so much life to the game. Last April we had a blast with those big heads of Korkov and Orsik. Of course fashion stuff should remain the focus of the game, but your creativity is always welcome! Can I ask for that male backpack with a puppy within it once more?

    13-Cumulative energy after reaching the max amount

    This was one of the best features from the deceased Britney Spears: American Dream. The gameplay gets much more fluid and rich, also this encourages us to buy more pets. We need this ASAP.

    14-Photobooth improvements

    The 6.0 update started greatly to improve the photobooth (that is without any doubt, one of the most loved features of KKH), please don’t stop there! New poses will always be welcome. Allow us to change our S.O., friends, babies poses too. Bring the pets to the pics. Put our non-NPC contacts above on the list. And last, but definitely not least improve the quality of the pics allowing us to save them on an image host site instead of only our devices as we could do on BS:AD, my images were way bigger and better there thanks to this feature.

    15-Be able to hide the HUD

    We can clearly see how the team make a very detailed work on the design of the scenarios, but this sometimes gets lost thanks to all icons, menu, HUD and task list we have on the screen. The game could have a discreet button to hide/show all those.

    16-Cross platforms

    We built a beautiful community here, however we’re all split between iOS/Android/Kindle/Facebook. For 2017 we want to break through this barrier and be able to play as the one big family we are! Maybe something krew-like where we can chat and add each other, but please keep those krew events away from here. Thanks!

    17-Safe save/backup

    The last and most IMPORTANT item from this list. We’re entering the third year of the game, is time to us be able to store our games somewhere where it updates frequently its save and don’t have to depend on our devices or third parties services. Transferring shouldn’t be the nightmare that it is nowadays, and I don’t want to have concerns with external factors that can damage my device and because of that lose my game through them.
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  • SapphoSappho Registered Users 284 Posts
    Wow that's a good list.

    I would like to have sound on the notification system for iOS please. It's hard to notice them when they're silent like that. I keep having to set timers instead.
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  • roopinderroopinder Registered Users 1 Posts
    money can purchase anything.
  • xXLucyXxxXLucyXx Registered Users 1,077 Posts
    Is there any way that these glasses could be centred on the nose if adjusting other accessories that don't fit from the update please?

    GC: { Lucyxx }
  • Carol DavidaCarol Davida Registered Users 6,145 Posts
    ⚪reduce the event points for weekend/throwback events from 600 to 400 or 500 points
    ⚫bring back all 4 throwback boxes for the throwback events pretty please?
    ▫ reduce the waiting time for the voting events from submitting outfits every 4 hrs to at least 1 or 2 hrs please?
    ◽please add this selfie pose of the doll standing on the right inside of the photo booth
    ◾change the formating of the gift boxes of this game. Instead just implement and add a spin the wheel feature just like from BS:AD game
    ¤ please lower the pricing of the throwback boxes for the throwback sales of this game. The title of throwback sales is very misleading Glu. It's not considered a sale since it's overpriced and a ripoff. It should at least be discounted by 10%-20% from the original price of the costing of the weekend event gift boxes.
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  • kynlm15kynlm15 Registered Users 3 Posts
    - Have the possibility to negotiate with stars to lower the price of houses, like in the Stardom Hollywood game.
    - Correct ring placement.
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    We should have a African location like Cape town or Johannesburg. Or maybe another European location like Ibiza or Armenia
  • SapphoSappho Registered Users 284 Posts
    Maps to choose our travel destinations from instead of scrolling lists. So that 1. it might save us some scrolling and B. we get to learn where some of these destinations actually are. Because I'm horrible at geography :rolleyes:.
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  • ollietaroollietaro Registered Users 3 Posts
    • Port Kim Kardashian: Hollywood to the Nintendo 3DS (Angry Birds and others already have and the female market is starving for content on 3DS).
    Lv. 19 as of Jan. 28/2017
    • Bought the jet and the car = saw $$$ rise quickly afterward AND stay in the bank :cool:
    • Currently saving up for the Calabasas manse to throw parties in order to get event items ($30,000 to go...or 120 K stars...I bought the jet for the same so I'll pay cash however it takes longer to gain $50,000 than it does to gain 120 K stars...right? I get about 5-10 per day.)
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    You should add otk (over the knee) boots that you can purchase with k-stars or cash since there are no otk boots available in the game to purchase
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