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  • Amberspa101Amberspa101 Registered Users 123 Posts
    •Have the option to switch between using a male and female characters. Like we could have a game using a girl but could easily switch to being a boy and so fourth.

    •babies grow up to toddlers etc, I mean Kim's kids are growing up why not ours.
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  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    Have more purses in the game likes this
  • KatinkaeKatinkae Registered Users 845 Posts
    Suggested this many times but still going to say it: an trading with frinds option! Clothes, hairs and so on
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    📢 ‼️ let us exchange things in our closet we dont like into k stars/diamonds
  • FrankeeFrankee Registered Users 3 Posts
    Man on second. Base hit to the outfield. You're given the option of sending the runner home. You take the risk that you'll be thrown out at the plate. BUT the player who singled doesn't have the option of taking second base, which is the case in real BB.
  • AnimationFreakAnimationFreak Registered Users 1 Posts
    - Bring out Record Labels, you have pop stars on there. Let us purchase a Record Label and hire Pop artists and have our Record Label climb the tables to no. 1!

    - Able to change body type, We need bigger hips or muscles etc.
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    Our dolls should have the ability to host master classes with Mario the makeup artist in the game. The master class could be a how to tutorial about hair or makeup like in real life master classes Mario hosts with Kim. The master class could be held in Dubai or New York.
  • LizardLizard Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 27 Posts
    Gold nail polish please
    Pics, pics, pics.
  • LiiLii Registered Users 736 Posts
    Please make it so the energy you're rewarded when leveling up is added on top of the energy you currently have.

    Also thanks for bringing back the white nail polish! If you could now make it actually look white and not this weird pinkish color I would be over the moon :)

    And I guess this is more of a bug than a suggestion but if I could actually use the lipstick colors that I've bought that would be fantastic.
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  • krystalkrystal Registered Users 235 Posts
    The only thing I really want to see in KKH in the future is expanded customization for our dolls significant others. I don't need the ability to change the appearance of any random NPC but control over how our significant other looks would be nice. Maybe Glu could make full customization of them unlocked after marriage?

    Also I think the nail polish colors should be made to be the same color on our doll as the swatches are in the closet. So many of them do not match up. The white is like a pale, purplish-pink and other colors have a similar problem of not matching the swatch.
  • Melimda119Melimda119 Registered Users 49 Posts
    -Can we be able to change our spouse's hair (and maybe other features)
  • Melimda119Melimda119 Registered Users 49 Posts
    • Bring back throwback sale where the items are in the closet. Choosing from the giftboxes is too risky for me to spend KStars, but if I know what I'm getting I'm fine with spending my money
  • Texdoll385Texdoll385 Registered Users 2 Posts
    I think the weekend events are very unrealistic. They use to be much easier to achieve, now even with going an event, date or house party back to back it still isnt enough. Does anyone actually win all the prizes?! You'd have to set a timer and wake up during the night and sit there all day, all weekend with your phone in your hands going through and tapping on icons to get more energy.

    -make the events easier. Most people have a life and can't spend 72 hours straight on our phones.
  • morgaine816morgaine816 Registered Users 101 Posts
    Texdoll385 wrote: »
    I think the weekend events are very unrealistic. They use to be much easier to achieve, now even with going an event, date or house party back to back it still isnt enough. Does anyone actually win all the prizes?! You'd have to set a timer and wake up during the night and sit there all day, all weekend with your phone in your hands going through and tapping on icons to get more energy.

    -make the events easier. Most people have a life and can't spend 72 hours straight on our phones.

    I totally agree. I get so disappointed that I usually only get the first two because between waiting for energy to regenerate and having to do RL stuff I just can't get all four items.
  • thinkthistlethinkthistle Registered Users 220 Posts
    Romantic relationships in KKH are (in my opinion) tedious, time-consuming and unrewarding. For each stage/level you reach, it should buy you an extra day between required dates. And once you reach a certain amount of points (or once you're married) your significant other should be available for VIP hangouts, which (along with events) would count in place of a date. You're not really a power couple if you never make appearances together, are you? It would also be nice if significant others paid for dates more often and sent more gifts.
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  • sadnertsadnert Registered Users 24 Posts
    Again, and again, and again...Need shirtless option/swimwear for male. Swimwear, no swimsweater.
  • hoodstar9hoodstar9 Registered Users, Banned Users 424 Posts
    -Everything I said before: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


    -Guest starring on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and quests related to the show.

    -Select which outfit VIPs wear after hanging out.

    -I love how I was one for the first people to suggest and want the ability to change NPC spouses and contacts and now everyone is asking for it. This feature is LONG overdue!

    -I'm tired of these badly dressed pink and blue hair NPCs doing business with my doll. We have Jonathan Cheban, NeNe Leakes, Andre Leon Talley, Anna Dello Russo, and Karl Lagerfeld.

    -A way to change NPC contacts (romantic or not) occupation, in Stardom many had titles such as Network Sitcom Actor or Daytime Drama Actor. So far I have met countless fashion photographers and fashion designers...all useless unless there is a party weekend event.

    -So we have Marcel Monroe, Garrett St. Clair, and Paul Steele...add another photographer who is FEMALE AND NOT AN UGLY NPC.

    -Enable us to HIRE one of them for So Chic San Diego, this is NOT that hard to figure out. If a player chose Miranda for So Chic Hamptons, then you choose either Harland or Tabatha while Mia stays in London.

    -Expand the So Chic London quests to So Chic Downtown LA AND the Kardash locations in SoHo, Miami, and Calabasas where he/she would be doing the same thing (advertising, customer service, fashion shows, etc.) except the Kardash employees would be the ones assigning the job; pay is the same.

    -Kill off Simon's daughter AND make these two guys Simon's kids - 1, 2

    -THIS outfit for Khloe

    -THIS outfit for Jonathan

    -Revamp the twitter feed in the game, show usernames in the box after the first pop goes away, allow us to tweet.

    -IGNORE all of the stupid comments here and listen to those who actually have a suggestion, A NEW VIP.

    -Bring back Drew Cutestory. Not too hard to figure out, keep his look the same, place Golden Gate Studios in San Francisco, and place him in there.

    -Bring back the daytime dramas, medical dramas, comedies, etc. that Arnie and Max offered can be added to the selection of gigs Simon offers when one is done with storylines.

    Forum Changes

    -MORE inbox storage on the forum.

    -"Like", "Thumbs up" button

  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    Add more pony tail hairstyles and aviator sunglasses in the game. Also add African locations in the game like cape town, Johannesburg or Lagos or Australian location (besides Sydney) like Melbourne.
  • thinkthistlethinkthistle Registered Users 220 Posts
    The list of locations is getting awfully long. I think it's time to start grouping them by continent with drop-down menus, then listing them alphabetically. Also, if you're going to keep adding locations, then I would really appreciate it if you'd start adding more rooms to the new houses again, or at least lower the prices. I'm never going to spend more than 25k for a one-room house; I don't care how nice that room is.
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  • thinkthistlethinkthistle Registered Users 220 Posts
    Using the same point structure for both midweek events and weekend events doesn't make sense and asks players for an unreasonable level of commitment. Because almost everyone has busier schedules on weekdays and because we don't get bonus points from event items, midweek throwback events should be structured as follows: black box after 100 points, gold box after 200 points, 1st throwback box after 300 points, and 2nd throwback box after 400 points.

    Also, I respect that you need to make money, but VIP events are just too expensive. It's a wasted weekend, as far as I'm concerned, so you might as well run "Who Wore It Best?" events at the same time if you're really so invested in them so at least entry fees would count toward event items.
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  • Carol DavidaCarol Davida Registered Users 6,145 Posts
    Please bring back the 5 original throwback event with 4 throwback boxes.

    I would be a happy gamer if glu brings it back. I'll probably float on 9 with glee :cool:
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  • ollietaroollietaro Registered Users 3 Posts
    • Please add *Fifth Avenue* to the JFK/New York travel-by-transportation path. It would justify the plane trip to JFK a little more with the addition of a fourth destination like the legendary Fifth Avenue added to the current roster of only 3 areas (Hamptons, Tribeca, and SoHo). Brilliant thinking, right? :cool:

    • This is possibly asking for too much :rolleyes: but please add shops with exclusive clothing items to buy in select cities. This would make the trip more worth it aside from the exclusive real estate/restaurants/clubs.
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    • Bought the jet and the car = saw $$$ rise quickly afterward AND stay in the bank :cool:
    • Currently saving up for the Calabasas manse to throw parties in order to get event items ($30,000 to go...or 120 K stars...I bought the jet for the same so I'll pay cash however it takes longer to gain $50,000 than it does to gain 120 K stars...right? I get about 5-10 per day.)
  • LizardLizard Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 27 Posts
    • Option to delete friends /real players/ from the game.

    Some are still there months after and it's really annoying.
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  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    Please add some more purses like Celine and Hermes
  • thinkthistlethinkthistle Registered Users 220 Posts
    The new nose with freckles for girls is really cute. I wish the guys had a similar option. Some makeup for guys would be nice too. I'm not saying they necessarily need all the same options the girls have (although why not?) but who doesn't like a good dramatic club look?

    And on the subject of makeup, having eyeliner/no eyeliner options would be great as well as maybe some blush. Also, I know a lot of us would appreciate more colors that look good on dolls with darker skin.
    Iolanthe · level 35 · A+++
  • Amberspa101Amberspa101 Registered Users 123 Posts
    •can have the option to have our purses being held by our hands instead of always in the shoulder!? Sometimes when you out on a purse it doesn't look right with the outfit because it's on the shoulder..ie doesn't sit right, looks bulky. I mean why not? Our dolls just stand there anyways

    • body options! I'm getting so tired of stick thin bodies!

    •I would like to see more crop top/ bralet type tops! You seem them everywhere In real life even the kardash gang wears them.

    Also can we please have that phone selfie pose that you see the dolls in the games promo pics have! It doesn't make sense that we got all these cool new poses. But not a selfie pose like that one.
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  • SahbdSahbd Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 34 Posts
    Change our spouse and friends hair and face features. Also give us more options of clothes to gift them.
  • JulesmoJulesmo Registered Users 640 Posts
    PLEASE consider changing the way the So Chic Hamptons reward of fans (for those who mistakenly chose fans) is done. It is silly to have to actually go to the Hamptons store, just for the manager to say she is about to post the tweet. Just post the dang tweet - in real life that could be handled over the phone if the manager needed approval lol. For those of us who are at max fans, there is even less of a reason to go to that store.
  • tia_blesttia_blest Registered Users 65 Posts
    PLEASE consider allowing us to shoot our reality shows in any of our owned homes and even at our Reykjavik club. Our homes in Venice, Hamptons, Tribeca, Miami, Punta Mita etc all seem wasted. Many of the homes also have the room capacity to invite more people yet it's only one person per room. In the Malibu home there's space for people to be in the pool.

    Please also increase the number of viewers of shows as we climb, the same way our list of fans climbs as we work our way up. It seems ridiculous that the maximum number of extra viewers remains at 215k ONLY if you film in Calabasas regardless of how many hours we film for. Even when inviting a VIP like Kim to star in our show our viewers don't change. At this rate, in order to pass Willow I would have to ignore all other events and focus solely on shooting my reality show in Calabasas only, and TBH I'm getting bored of it.

    I'm also on my 3rd comeback just 3 or so away from the top 100. What do I do after that? I've been playing this game solidly every day for a year, my spouse and I still haven't gotten into the top 20 of the couples list despite the regular dates. We seem to go up 1 place and drop back 2 or 3. Only if it's a dating theme we climb maybe 3 positions tops. PLEASE allow us to choose how long the date should last for.

    Please also allow us to purchase animals in all our homes... Punta Mita And Tribeca again are wasted. I hope to see these improvements in the near future. I have enjoyed this game for so long.
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    Add frankfurt or Calgary as a location in the game
  • King KylieKing Kylie Registered Users 60 Posts
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add more items to the throwback boxes.
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