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  • BellaxxBellaxx Registered Users 66 Posts
    edited November 2017
    Every Update/Weekend Event I really hope that we will receive:
    - Sparkling Diamond Bracelets (to match any white/silver toned necklaces, earrings, rings)

    -Sparkling Black Diamonds/Leather/Jewel toned  pieces
    (we desperately need a wider selection of bracelets to match our other jewelry!)

    -Exaggerated Longer Length Hairstyles (Straight, Sleek, Voluminous, & Curly; to go down towards the back/hip length)

    -More Makeup Options of all kinds! (Eye's, Lips, Blush/Contour)

    -More Realistic Skin tones, I've never been able to be 100% happy with current shades as I'm looking for a more bronzed glow.

    -A Business Manager to alert us when & where we have gigs/clients to attend to. I often neglect some being we have so much going on.
  • SeptemberSeptember Registered Users 552 Posts
    What I'd really like to see is a changed position of the Kollektions button. It's the same as it was with the celebrity perks button's original spot: it's in the way.
    I tap the money, energy etc. that comes from completing actions/tapping objects. It really helps with speeding up energy levels BUT with the kollektions button almost on ground level it interferes with the tapping.
    Many times when I try to collect the little icons I accidentally tap the kollektions button or I cannot collect the tappables that drop in the area of the Kollektions button or it wil open the kollektions and I cannot gain energy fastening from the other tappables :(
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  • sandraaaay_sandraaaay_ Registered Users 27 Posts
    - More photo booth poses for our spouses
    - The ability to hold our pets in the photobooth and take pictures with them
    - Toddlers
    - The ability to start a reality show from inside our homes and not have to continually go back to Mirimount Studios to do so
    - To be able to tuck in a shirt instead of having it overlap our jeans/skirts/shorts/etc.
    - More clothes/hair for our babies
    - Being able to take our children/spouse out of the house with us
    - Storylines for our kids/spouse
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    - More coats
    -Ability to attendees movie premiers of the movies we shoot so that our dolls can get dressed up
    - Ability to for our dolls to have be pregnant and have a baby bump in the game
    - The ability to own your own nail salon
    - To be able to wear boots with pants instead of just dresses and skirts
    - More purses
    - Being able to choose the length of dates
    - Scandinavian or a German city location
    - Make our dolls stop touching their hair every other minute
    - More cars in the game like a Mercedes G wagon
    - Be able to take our dolls to basketball games or to the movies for a date
    - The ability to build your own home
  • EssenceHeartsPandasEssenceHeartsPandas Registered Users 72 Posts
    -In game notifs to visit our owned businesses
    -More involvement of So Chic (Earning a k star or 2 per involvement like the hair salon, chevier etc.)
    -More involvement of spouses/children/pets (maybe more events pertaining to them?)
    -The ability to date certain NPC's such as Cassio
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,038 Posts
    edited November 2017
    I’d love to be able to
    *take my spouse to an occasional date at my Frosty Kokonut Ice club or Skye Grill. I’ll still pay with energy and cash....
    what good is owning a club if you can’t entertain there?
    I mention this because they DO have the wine glass/fork symbol like Oak and Pannino....
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  • kyannnaakyannnaa Registered Users 12 Posts
    -can we PLEASE add more makeup that actually compliments the darker toned dolls?
    -more quests/ways to incorporate spouses in the game
    -more curly hair styles
    -toddlers, please :'(
  • lwinnielwinnie Registered Users 1 Posts
    • options of furnishings in homes, similar to how the retail/venue locations have 3 options of what you can buy for each spot 

    • more story involvement with spouse/children

    • separate closet category for coats, sweaters, etc. that can be put on top of shirts

    • farm location where you can own a horse

    • add homes in Soho and Las Vegas

    • add Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Nashville, and Cleveland 

    •option to rename So Chic
  • paintingliliespaintinglilies Registered Users 36 Posts
    • possibility to get an advantage towards parties when fully furnishing your homes
    • get rid of the wardrobe zoom when trying on hairstyles - we want to see how our hairstyle looks with the full outfit, not just the top of our dolls' bodies!
    • less annoying (i.e. clingy) spouses/partners - give us the option of not going on a date for a few days without having losing fans
    • different options for furnishing homes (e.g. in the style of the hair salon in Brooklyn), not just one "mandatory" option
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    ~ options in selling clothes or accessories that you don't want
    ~ Bring back the four throw back box mid week event
    ~Coats that you can wear casually or with dresses
    ~ mountain location where you can own a ski resort (ex Swiss Alps, Liechtenstein)
    ~ More high waisted pants
    ~Munich, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Madrid, Hong Kong, Balfast, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Sao Paulo, Chicago, or Houston
    ~Create your own lipkit or make up line
    ~Build your own home
    ~Make and direct your own movie
    ~Own your own hair salon
  • DanizzleDanizzle Registered Users 753 Posts
       • a well-organised dressing. There are so much outfit that you always have to scroll more than 200 cases to choose the one you'd wear
       • the ability to shoot the TV Show in all of our owned houses and outside too
       •Throwback boxes available once a week at least. We need to have the missed items
       •Our boyfriend/girlfriend should gain more fans too
       •Last but not least, we want TODDLERS
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  • Chelsea.Chelsea. Registered Users 526 Posts
    -More ombre tb items for sale please!
    - Please increase the quality of photos on IOS devices right now it looking very poor.
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  • paintingliliespaintinglilies Registered Users 36 Posts
    edited November 2017
    Open a café that lets you purchase different energy options for money and kstars like Soy Latte for $500 rewards 2 energy, mocha for 1k rewards 3 energy and so on... I would love to see my coffee addiction transferred to the game - I mean, there already is a "to go" cup, might as well fill it with something!
  • AmorotAmorot Registered Users 59 Posts
    edited November 2017
    Hello. Can you add special section in the wardrobe where we can buy VIP quest lines clothes   from the past updates for k-stars. Of course it's for VIP subscribers only.
  • judithkkhjudithkkh Registered Users 1,699 Posts
    edited November 2017
    Can someone tell me if there's a way to do this and if not, let's make it a suggestion ? hahaha.
    Is there a way to go back from the photobooth to my closet without placing my doll back in the streets? Sometimes I change her outfit just to take some pictures but I would love to have the ability of taking the pictures and just a Back button to go back into our closets and get our old outfits again.
    Oooh and that one I read about giving VIP subscribers the chance of getting the items we might've missed for K-stars. Loving this one!
    Thank you, Glu! ?
  • NaimonsterNaimonster Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    • Let us change eye colors for the eyes that belong in the makeup tab
    For those eyes (GS eyes, NARS eyes etc) that are in the makeup tab, it's very troublesome to change eye colors. I have to tap an eye shape in the normal eye tab, change the eye color then come back and tap my NARS eyes. And it's a disaster if I want to experiment with eye colors!
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  • YouriYouri Registered Users 1 Posts
    Could you please add an option to sort your goals? I get new goals a lot and it's hard to keep track of them when you have 25+ goals.
    An option to sort based on the duration of an event would be nice.
  • judithkkhjudithkkh Registered Users 1,699 Posts
    Turning a love relationship into a social one? Please?
    I have some contacts who I make a mistake by gifting them first and now I can't do any gigs with them and I would love to be able to change this back! <3
  • ZzzelenaZzzelena Registered Users 579 Posts
    edited December 2017
    - have 4th/5th/6th comeback story (with which we will get a special action on photoshoots/reality shows/parties, an outfit and +3 on max energy; it gets so boring on top for ages)
    earn celebrity perks in more ways (maybe through daily box partnerships or/and completing a luxe goal)
    choose the length of dates 

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  • DanizzleDanizzle Registered Users 753 Posts
    Am I the only one who's dreaming about bragging my husband during professional gigs?! I mean doesn't Queen Kim K work with her bae Kanye West?
  • Amberspa101Amberspa101 Registered Users 123 Posts
    • Have goals sorted by location i.e. all Vegas goals would be in a little pull down list, all New York goals in a little list. This would be helpful in remembering where to be for quests. I sometimes get confused on what place in supposed to go to for goals.
    • Better closet organizing, I know the closet got organized In the big update. It I think it still could be improved, jewellery could be categorized by bracelets, necklaces earrings etc. Halloween/Christmas clothes could be in like a misc section. Jackets should have their own section etc. 
    • Different body types for our characters, this is really getting old with how our dolls look like a generic stick figure compared to now kim and her sisters look plump and lush in their bodies. We should able to have different body types, curvy,  thick, a petite shape or even go by like hourglass, or pear shape. This would also help in giving our dolls breast, sometimes to me they like very flat chested etc.
    • Different idle poses/stances  other than the constant touching of hair or the huff like move our characters do. Kim, Kris and the others have great idle poses/stances. We need updated ones for our characters. 
    • New holding items should have their own section in the closet, like the new drinks, wand, bags etc should all be together in their own spot. It's getting annoying remembering which purses are the new holding ones.
    • New poses, a pose or poses with our pets, the phtotbpoth update was much needed!  I like that you added a plain color background. Keep that up! But we really should have been able to have a pose with our pet instead of the pet the pet just being there in the picture like it was a last minute thought. 
    • More ombre hair styles would be great! Or even the ability to do ombre to hairs themselves.  Since we have a good amount of colors already for hair adding an ombre option would be great addition as it would give us the ability to use two of the amazing colors we already have in the customization.
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  • MNieuwMNieuw Registered Users 159 Posts
    edited December 2017
    Would it please be possible to fix the winter booties? They are so pretty, but it somehow seems that the one shoe is not properly on our dolls’ foot. Please see the comparison photos:

    It even makes her right leg look out of proportion long. ?
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  • PatyPaty Registered Users 195 Posts
    I don´t know if I´m asking for too much, but I would love to see the male Kollections in my hubby´s wardrobe for purchase. Please, Glu? :blush:
  • Elise KitschElise Kitsch Registered Users 3 Posts
    - More storylines feauturing spouse/children;
    - Being able to be pregnant, as suggested by another person here;
    - Be able to date Cassio;
    - More storylines featuring Cassio or a new love interest;
    - Storylines similar to the Lord of the Rings and other famous books, with clothes and accessories to go with them;
    - Remove that pop up message we get after finishing a gig. It’s annoying, and completely useless;
    - Be able to have a curvy body like Kim’s;
    - More long hairstyles that are away from our faces;
    - More gifts from spouses and being able to have a wedding anniversary. 
  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    - Add neighborhoods to Paris, Toronto, London, Tokyo, Dublin, and Dubai
    - Being able to have children at heart level 9,000 instead of 12,000
    - Be able to own an ice cream parlor
    - Have a met gala like event in the game
    - Create and direct your own movie
    - Add a German city to the game (ex Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munster)
    - Be able to have a curvy body and hour glass body
    - Hairstyles that can be purchasable with money
    - More pointed toe heels
    - Story lines similar to sex and the city movie 1 and 2
    - More cars in the game like mayback, Bentley Truck, convertible
    - Supreme Clothes and accessories in the game for guys
    - Add more American Cities like (ex Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu)
    - Own a bakery
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,813 Posts
    I agree with having a version of the Met Ball Gala in the game. Would that mean that we get to choose the theme of the gala too? Plus creating and directing your own movie.
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  • ZzzelenaZzzelena Registered Users 579 Posts
    It would be lovely if you could fix this hair style. It's beautiful and romantic, but it misses the hair on the back; when our doll's head is standing straight and even more when it's leaned to the side.

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  • AListJaceyAListJacey Registered Users 473 Posts
    I agree @Zzzelena! I love that hairstyle but I never wear it because the huge bald patch in the back drives me nuts 
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  • kinleykatkinleykat Registered Users 25 Posts
    edited December 2017
    - More CASH hair! K-stars are hard to come by, more cash hairs would be AMAZING and so helpful!
    - Be able to convert cash to stars and vise versa, it wouldn't need to be cheap to do, but it could be helpful to us broke adults, and kids.teens who aren't allowed to make purchases!
    - More giftable items/ giftable hairs.. That being said not ALL hair should be giftable, but I'd LOVE to be able to help out some of my friends who can't afford to spend money on the game.
    - Body types / heights! We see the Kardashians and more have different body types and heights so I would LOVE to be able to make my doll look more like me!
    - Different poses for my dolls wife, I don't care if I'd have to pay to use them, I just think it would be cute to be able to change our SO's poses like we can do ours. Maybe even a holding hand pose?
    - The ability to NOT have to wear a skirt with hosiery! ;D I'd like to pair with some shorts too <3
  • BettyBoop2007BettyBoop2007 Registered Users 15 Posts
    In real life, artists and stars get free stuff like clothes and jewelleries, or big compagnies lend them some stuffs... Hoe come in the game, we have to take our own clothes or jewelleries? Why don't we get gift baskets like the stars?
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