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    erikacaroliinelerikacaroliinel Registered Users, Member 82 Posts
    in my country the all access pass costs 34,90 bucks, and even if our country and our economy is a mess rn, it still is sooo expensive to spend monthly for things we already got for free :(

    with 34,90, i can:
    - have a decent meal at a shopping mall, or
    - buy 7 bars of chocolate, or
    - buy milkshakes for 3 friends, or
    - buy a book, or
    - pay a monthly subscription of some streamings and buy some popcorn and coke to eat while watching series

    i could go on for a while but i just want to prove my point, glu is ruining the game experience for all of us. i'm not blaming the players who can pay for a pass that is cheap for them, instead i'm blaming glu for being money hungry

    i play other games where we have to buy a key to get seasonal special prizes but we have two options to get this key: using currency similar to k-stars OR paying with real money

    you already made the game miserable, so please glu make it possible for all players to buy the pass and fix the challenges that need to be fixed so we can get a fair share of points for it

    Where do you live?  Cause the amount that I paid for seasons (24.99 riyals), that’s like the price of a half liter baskin robins 😂
    i live in brazil 😂 and yeah currencies are crazy, every time i travel abroad i get surprised with how much i can buy with 10 bucks depending on where i am

    i wish i could have a baskin robbins rn it's been a while since i haven't had one :)
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    SalinaB11SalinaB11 Registered Users, Member 46 Posts
    I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but I can no longer get 3 hours professional gigs from Simon :/
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    kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,114 Posts
    SalinaB11 said:
    I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but I can no longer get 3 hours professional gigs from Simon :/
    I was only offered 8 hour gigs, i said keep looking.  An hour later he called back with some 3 hour gigs. 
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    ArianeMBArianeMB Registered Users, Member 146 Posts
    This free/paying players dichotomy is really bugging me. I am a PAYING with a capital P player. I also spent ungodly amounts of money in this game during the pandemic because it was the only thing to do and it gave me such an escape from the real world. We're not complaining about having to pay for a season pass just on its own. That would literally be fine if they hadn't taken away the events that we could all participate in to get stuff for free.
    Yeah it's making people fight :((( we'll easily be able to see who can/want to spend money on the game just by the outfits we'll be posting here (unlike before when only fashion goals were behind a paywall). I think that will really deepen the division between players

    I personally allow myself to buy one game purchase per month (usually it's always kkh), this pass is actually worth the money imo cause the items are good and it gives you access to diamonds and tickets. I'll still have to do most of the goals (the 300 starting point helped unlock a few pages but that's it) or it will feel like I spent money for absolutely nothing..
    They/them please
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    haileybhaileyb Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    edited October 2022
    I bought the access ticket, but the items are still locked as if I didn't buy anything. this game doesn't work even when you pay real money. glu really sucks.
    let's see how long it takes them to solve this problem lol
    Probably the first and last time I buy access to seasons
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    ArianeMBArianeMB Registered Users, Member 146 Posts
    tortor said:
    there would be no issues with paying players getting more stuff IF:

    1) half the items were not Hidden behind a paywall 
    2) the free items were not so much worse than the ones you pay for. I mean COME ON! Beautiful dress or jeans and sweater?!?! Like that’s just rude 
    Exactly the items for free players are so so much worse compared to the really good items of the access pass (like I know the point of the access pass is to give access to more and better stuff, but the non paying stuff needs to be at least decent omg) 😭 I'd would not see much reasons to keep playing the game on a regular basis if I wasn't able to buy the pass...
    They/them please
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    stepht500stepht500 Registered Users, Member 244 Posts
    I don’t even have seasons yet 🤷🏽‍♀️
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    dinoqueen9dinoqueen9 Registered Users, Member 1,351 Posts
    jasminnlg said:
    @dinoqueen9 were you ever assisted and able to get your coins?
    nope 🙃🙃
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    konradkkhkonradkkh Registered Users, Member 563 Posts
    stepht500 said:
    I don’t even have seasons yet 🤷🏽‍♀️
    I don’t know what is wrong with Glu  really. Most of the players didn’t get seasons and this is sick 
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    ArianeMBArianeMB Registered Users, Member 146 Posts

    As a paying player my first impression isn’t too bad I just hope I will be able to collect all 64 available prizes. I did a quick calculation and this would be 24 different clothing items and accessories (plus a hair colour, body doll contour and eye make up), 8 different hairstyles, 135 stars, 40(!!!!) diamonds, 14 (!!!!) tickets and 4 TB boxes. The fact that to buy 40 diamonds would coast me £12.99 it makes sense for me to get this pass. Again, I am a paying player and am not sure I will be able to collect all of the available prizes.

    I also just love so many of the items that were locked for a free players and honestly hope that after this season Glu make this available for all players and perhaps makes it easier to get points for paying customers or something but just so everyone has a fair chance of getting everything.

    Yeah that's why I bought it too, it's definitely worth it imo but it really sucks that the non paying stuff is so ugly and cost so many points (it's a disadvantage for both free and paying players.... Glu really messed that up)
    They/them please
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    Lilith_KKHLilith_KKH Registered Users, Member 182 Posts
    But why does the seasons icon move? It just makes it even more annoying 🤣
    LITERALLY, I keep clicking on it thinking there's something new.
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    BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 1,407 Posts
    What does “Complete this weeks episode” mean? Sorry for the random question, I have been reading everyone’s posts and I am torn about this. The price for the access is not that bad but taking away option from free players to get good stuff for free is. And also, even when I buy the pass I will not be spending extra on Kstars. 
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    kayla86kayla86 Registered Users, Member 27 Posts
     Yh I think it’s safe to say Glu is entering their downfall era and it’s entirely their own fault🙃
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    rae23rae23 Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    i was willing to give seasons a chance but i think it is very poorly executed.

    i was expecting more doable tasks. as a free player, spending 500 kstars for 150 points is not possible for me and definitely not worth it considering it was enough to complete a vip event and now all i can get for that is hair on the first page (which i will never use lol) the amount of points for certain tasks also doesn’t make much sense to me, why do we earn 50 points for 5 starring 1 house party but only 25 points for 5 starring 5 professional events? spending 5 diamonds for 25 points but having to spend 150 points to earn them back? 

    i hope that they change up the tasks & rewards for completing them and improve the quality of free clothing to actually make it more enjoyable.
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    kkhpeytonkkhpeyton Registered Users, Member 305 Posts
    KylaVH said:
    Aside from all the drama and unfairness that seasons has brought to the game, is anyone else just kinda bored? Like I login and I have nothing else to do
    Right like at least give us more jobs to do other than spend kstars and diamonds. 
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    deliqhteddeliqhted Registered Users, Member 226 Posts
    nayaramc_ said:
    Please I need help I didnt have seasons yet and I contacted customer care and send me this. I don’t understand I’m not a hacker, I’m a free player. What can I do?
    Sorry for the English, is not my first language

    This is strange to me because if you were a hacker wouldn’t they have terminated your game?
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    AliBryantAliBryant Registered Users 6,169 Posts
    Seems like Seasons is a hacker expose? :D 
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    kkhnikkicolekkhnikkicole Registered Users, Member 46 Posts
    No seasons for me… I’m an avid, loyal, LONGTIME player (7ish years I believe) & I just don’t understand why Glu thought this was a good direction. Customer service is a joke - instead of resolving issues, they’re accusing people of hacking - further proving their complete disregard to loyal (& new) players. It’s not even worth it anymore. 
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    EmcatEmcat Registered Users 135 Posts
    edited October 2022
    My goals still say to give 10 kudos? When will it be fixed?
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    peachypinkpeachypink Registered Users, Member 1,058 Posts
    @KalindaKing what will the price of the all access pass be after the introductory price and will it continue to go up after each purchase?
    Played on and off since the beginning. 

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    konradkkhkonradkkh Registered Users, Member 563 Posts
    Thanks for waiting for Seasons after the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. We're reading all your comments!

    If you play KKH daily, you can get all the free rewards and you don't need to complete every challenge given to you! It's up to you if you want to spend k-stars and diamonds for the stretch challenges.

    Here's a quick change that already went live - the kudos challenge now only requires you to send your squad 5 kudos instead of 10. Thanks for flagging!

    We're aware that Seasons will affect your Bel Air trophies and we're looking into it.
    What about players who didn’t get seasons? 
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    SusanElizabeth25SusanElizabeth25 Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    I am on a group regarding this game, someone posted a status asking ‘ Did anyone who has a hacked game get seasons because she didn’t ‘

    Which several people have commented saying they have a hacked game and haven’t got seasons .. so that could be one reason why people have got it ❤️
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