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     But does the gold line mean it’s paid passes? Or we can use our points for it too? 
    Also do we get option to buy items later with diamonds?
    You have to pay for it AND use points to buy the items after you’ve paid. 
  • LAdoll24LAdoll24 Registered Users, Member 448 Posts
    If you zoom in on the picture you see there is an icon in the top left corner of a pass which indicates to me that items that were available in gift boxes will now only be available through purchasing the pass AND earning the required points and tasks/challenges.
  • kkhpeytonkkhpeyton Registered Users, Member 304 Posts
    They have seasons in a lot of other games and you still get rewards for free but like all the best stuff you only can get if you pay the 5.99. :(
  • kraljakralja Registered Users, Member 89 Posts
    edited October 2022

    I’m so excited to announce a new way to play at your own pace and get rewards you’ll love! Seasons are coming soon with more ways to earn clothing, k-stars, diamonds, and tickets.

    Seasons offer a new set of challenges and rewards. You can complete daily, weekly, and stretch challenges to collect points and use them to buy your favorite rewards. There’s an option to upgrade to the All-Access Pass for exclusive rewards.

    Could you explain how we would earn diamonds and tickets, please?
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  • konradkkhkonradkkh Registered Users, Member 563 Posts
    This could be a good thing if it didn't mess with the weekend earnables and boxes. 

    There's not much to do during the week in the game and even as paid feature, I'm sure a lot of people would be willing pay to get exclusive clothing items by completing missions. It would be a choice and not something forced. Like a vip option.
    But of course you're too lazy to make extra clothes, right glu?

    Yes, it would suck missing the new items for those not paying, but then we wouldn't miss the chances for clothes we already had.

    So yes, this is DUMB. 
    Did I said dumb?

  • konradkkhkonradkkh Registered Users, Member 563 Posts
    FoxieLola said:
    konradkkh said:
    @KimKardashian if you love your fans and you like your game please tell the team Glu a huge stop. 
    She's currently getting sued for scamming fans herself so... 🤣 
    Love you girl 🤣🤣
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    Doll_Face said:
    Dorica said:

    But as you can see here if you buy pass exclusive rewards are cheaper then regular one so that's a good thing maybe. 
    I think I'll give it a try and we see how this goes. 
    But you have to pay $5.99 every month to get a pass which is $12 for me because of where I live. They could’ve made you pay with in game currency and still make money because people buy k stars and diamonds all the time.
    I don't know trying to find something good in this. If the tasks we need to do are easy, then it will be easy to collect points, hopefully. And to get rewards.
    It's sad that you have to pay more than others, don't understand why is that. 😢
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    All I can say is that I’m disappointed.
    disappointed… but not surprised
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,815 Posts
    So this comes out tomorrow? I just want to see what it's actually like to see if I have reasons to complain or not. 
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