I think I broke the storyline?

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Hi dolls!
I am a long time lurker first time poster here on the forum. But I really need help on the game so that kinda forced my introvert self to make a post.
I am currently level 55, was working on the main storyline tasks. The last one was at a 6 hour task at Black Rabbit. There were 2 NPCs at the venue, both with the ! speech bubbles. The premise was that I was supposed to pick one of them to say that they had won something? I don’t exactly remember the goal name or the exact wording. But the appearance had timed out before I was able to pick to winner to continue the storyline. Since then, I receive no calls from Simon or Maria other than the one off gigs from Simon that does not have any storyline. There are no ! speech bubble when I go to their offices. There is nothing back at Black Rabbit. Everything had just dropped?
I have contacted support and sent them screenshots. They are now asking for videoclips. I’m not even sure what to send them, other than something is missing?
Any help is appreciated! Thanks dolls❤️


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    Hi, I'm sorry this happened.  if you send me a screenshot of the customer care response, I will try and get some help for you.  
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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