Kardashian App STOLE my sisters money then banned her

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My sister used to be an avid fan of this game and enjoyed playing until one day after spending hundreds of dollars on k-stars/diamonds her game glitched and only allowed her to load her progress to days before she made all her purchases. She lost all her diamonds and kstars as well as outfits she’d purchased when reaching out to the support team they refused to help her, refund her the money or at the very least send her the kstars and the diamonds she had purchased. She had proof in the form or screenshot and receipts. She provided all of this and the response she received from support was basically don’t make purchases if you don’t want to lose everything if your progress doesn’t save. Since support kept ignoring her and wouldn’t refund her she kept reaching out to them and as a result they accused her of using a glitch to cheat and banned her account. Basically forcing her to start over from the beginning of the game. Of course she’s no longer playing this crappy game as she has been scammed out of hundreds of dollars the past few months by these jerks. Just thought I’d let people know how the kardashian app views it’s users. You mean nothing to them they only want your money and if you rightfully ask for it back you account will be banned. Save yourself the trouble and delete this dumb game. Shame on you Kardashians and shame on you customer service team. You should be embarrassed of yourselves. I hope this hasn’t happened to anyone else and if it has please share your stories here.


  • LAdoll24LAdoll24 Registered Users, Member 447 Posts
    Did you reach out to whatever platform, Apple or Google to get a refund through them? I wouldn't let it go if your sister lost hundreds of dollars and you have receipts, screenshots and proof of the conversations with customer service someone should be able to help you out. Maybe @eggsandbananas could help you or your sister out. I totally understand not wanting to play anymore, especially the current circumstances nevermind this added bs, but you at the very least deserve a refund. Good luck I hope you can get it sorted out one way or another.
  • qsabzqsabz Registered Users, Member 165 Posts
    Ah. 😕 I've read about more players being accused of cheating, to the point where I didn't wanna write a ticket after getting the wrong prize in SYS for fear of being accused of cheating lol (they corrected it after my ticket and proof)

    Don't give up. Hopefully some other player or mod can give you advice. 💓
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