Join my Squad! The CareBears 🧸🌈

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Hi! Come join our squad: The CareBears 🧸🌈

🍑 We have 1 spot left! 

The girls in our squad are daily players and some purchase packs often πŸ’•

I play daily and have a love for look book shopping and creating extensive look books as well as participating in SYS 🌷

β€’ 18+ preferably

β€’ Active players- daily preferred! (Inactivity 3+ days may be removed)

β€’ Please give kudos when filled

✨ Bonus points for having a variety of outfits in your look book, competing in SYS, and purchasing items/packs (but not required ofc!) 🀍

The goal is to create a squad where everyone can reap the benefits & participate to gain daily boxes and earn rewards for themselves & others!


Join our discord! (Non group members are welcome also!) 🫢🏻

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