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✦ Hey you! Welcome to the official thread for this squad! ✦

We’re so excited to have you and can’t wait to see all your cute lookbook fits. Here we can chat, request lookbook items, and more! If you ever need anything feel free to message me! Welcome to our coven!
This is coven is themed around love, fashion, and all things witchy.

** if you are not a member and would like to join, please pm me **
** if you are a member, feel free to share a picture of your doll, and their backstory **

✦ The Spellbook of Members ✦
(coming soon)

** once member, share your favourite outfit with me, on a white background & zoomed in. you will appear in our Spellbook of Members **

• Be nice! We are a club about love and light. Everyone should feel respected and safe
• Try to log in daily. We need 5 min for the daily rewards
• Try to stay active
• Help each other out
• Notify each other if you’re going to be gone for a long time and won’t access your game, otherwise you may be kicked for inactivity
• We’d like to have at least one fashion event per month here in the forums
• Eventually, if needed, we’d like to move to discord

• The new day starts at 1am EST
• Only players who log in will get the daily bonus gifts
• Don't forget to give out kudos!
• Monthly shoutouts based on community involvement

✦ Join us Now - We Are Open for New Members

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