chad dylan parker

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Is he computer generated or a real person. Im asking because he seems to jump up in fans by 4 million everyday. Him and another person. Now i know if you do the 24 hour gig it use to give you almost 5 mil in fans but that was drastically cut in half. On my game i am #1 so any feed back would help. If i have to do 24 hour gigs just to stay #1 dating and progressing through the game is out. I play on andriod.


  • KuroKuro Community Moderator Moderators 178 Posts
    You can always check if he is a real-life contact or not by tapping the "Friends Only" tab (or whatever it's called) and see if he's on there. If he is, he's a real-life contact.

    Note that in ANY Stardom game, you will ALWAYS be #1 in your own game if you have reached #1. There's nothing to worry about, of course as long as you keep yourself at #1. :)
  • ayanosukeayanosuke New Member Registered Users 18 Posts
    Okay thx kuro! He doesnt show up there but i only have 4 friends that play. What about the huge jump fans over night?
  • KuroKuro Community Moderator Moderators 178 Posts
    Well I did a little digging and someone else seems to have interacted with a Chad Dylan. I personally haven't gotten that far to know yet, but is he an NPC? That could also be why but I'm not too sure haha, sorry!
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