Florence Projects?

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Im hearing so many people are getting married and doing things with the new update but I have yet to get any projects in reference to Florence. Do I need to finish all my current projects first until I get it? It's annoying seeing everyone talking about things I haven't experienced. I'm a A lister and on level 23. Do I need to be on a higher level?


  • kodiakkiakodiakkia Junior Member Registered Users 65 Posts
    Nothing? No tips or advice at all?
  • QueenSukiiQueenSukii Junior Member Registered Users 120 Posts
    I think you should finish your current projects first, then go on a date and see if you get proposed to. That's hoild kick start Simon and the Florence projects.
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    I had to go see Simon regarding the 10AX opening project. He'll tell you all about and while waiting on the meeting for Cassio, Simon will give you a commercial to do for Liosa Luggage. After completing that, Simon will call saying Cassio would like to meet you at Panino. Once you're done with him, you have to wait 8 hours for the 10AX club opening :)
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    I finally got the10AX Club opening project. But it was different plot than yours. My character was worried about Simon being down a week ago and Maria said she will find out more information. She just called me and said Simon was feeling down because his birthday is coming up and he is feeling old. So Maria suggested I take him to 10A Club opening to cheer him up. But thanks for the feedback! I was scared there was a glitch and I was going to have to reset my game.
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