Missing Cash/Stars from Free Offers



  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Let me clear this up for you real quick CuteGamer and anyone else thinking the same:

    1. I DO NOT work for glu or have any association with them!
    2. I am a regular player like everyone else on the forums
    3. I am not "filthy rich" with stars as I do not invest money into this game nor am I paid in premium currency! Utter stupidity to even think it!
    4. The responses I give are due to experience! I have played glu games such as Stardom for years and have spoken to Support A LOT in that time! Glu doesn't tell me what to say!
    5. No, I haven't "done my job" believe it or not! I volunteer my free time to help others on the forums! I am not paid in any shape or form for what I do. I do all of this for free!
    6. Do I get "tired"? Ummm obviously not as it's called BEING HELPFUL! I don't do this for self gain! I do this simply because I enjoy helping others! But tbh after reading this sort of rubbish it makes me second think my good nature!

    So before anyone thinks the same about me it's there in black and white! I have even taken the liberty to edit my signature stating the same so it's there as a permanent reminder to you all! Even though I have stated this like a million times! If no one believes what I have said, feel free to read this post about Community Moderators and even contact glu or the admins of the forum for yourselves!

    Now I have cleared that up, I too have experienced non-receival of stars since my last comment on this thread. The Stars from the offers have nothing to do with glu, this is down to the sponsor. So in my personal opinion you should be mad at them not at glu! I have actually reported this issue to Support to see if I can get any answers. But if you do not report your case to the team you stand no chance in getting the stars you are owned.

    As for reaching #1 congratulations! But this doesn't mean you deserve respect lol! Everyone reaches it eventually in their game if they play and do well on all their projects. It's kinda the whole point of the game lol! But awesome for you getting there without the help of K-Stars :D Many players have cheated their way to the top quickly by hacking their game (which is no longer possible!) So be proud that you did it without the easy option :o But you do deserve respect in the aspect of being a customer, which everyone is entitled to.
  • OoshOosh Registered Users 23 Posts
    I've had this game since day one its been months now  to be honest im actually laughing now because this is ridiculous . I'm #1 A-Lister been one for a long time now i believe i deserve some respect because getting to #1 was tough without having stars . Whoever is over this stuff needs to get it together because i am no longer contacting glu support or sponsor you think they care about me? No! You know how many people are complaining about this and to think they would take the time out of their day to help me lol dreaming. Sam you've done your job they probably pay you stars to say the same responses to everyone dont you get tired? No im sure you dont if your filthy rich with K- stars .

    This is probably the funniest thing I've read all day. Thanks for the laughs!

    You are exactly how I imagine uneducated, stupid people. For one, everybody gets to #1 so kudos to you for making it there, and without spending money! PLENTY of people have done it, and especially with the way you talk you don't deserve any respect.

    Secondly, it's not fair to Sam that you have no one else to yell at so you just yell at her solely because of her status on the forums. She is a volunteer taking her time and you are treating her like dirt because of glu's/the sponsor's actions, not hers. Maybe if you actually did some research rather than blabbering random false information you wouldn't sound so stupid and actually make some decent points. Also, not contacting support means you are doing nothing for your cause, so good job for doing nothing.

    Maybe someday when you grow up and have to work in customer support, you'll know how it feels to be pummeled by people like you everyday.
  • magdalena_apcmagdalena_apc Registered Users 22 Posts
    You have to insist, they ultimately give you the rewards! It sucks to do it but if you really want them, you'll do it
  • CuteGamer458CuteGamer458 Registered Users 10 Posts
    lol excuse you! I've contacted both of the plenty of times . Im just s fed up player who's tired of waiting. I take time out of my day to get stars . Stupidity? 😔 grow up? You should really rewrite your sentence. I am well growed up. Btw sam thats good that you help people 👏👏 but that does not give you the right to yell at me like. Lol not everyone reaches #1 because theirs always competition lol goodbye i got a life outside this game and forums � 😂😂
  • OoshOosh Registered Users 23 Posts
    lol excuse you! I've contacted both of the plenty of times . Im just s fed up player who's tired of waiting. I take time out of my day to get stars . Stupidity? �� grow up? You should really rewrite your sentence. I am well growed up. Btw sam thats good that you help people ���� but that does not give you the right to yell at me like. Lol not everyone reaches #1 because theirs always competition lol goodbye i got a life outside this game and forums � ����

    " I am well growed up. " Yup. Very growed up.

    Everybody reaches #1 in their own game. Maybe you would know that if you did some research.

    You would be irritated if someone talked smack about you too, just like you were while replying back to us.

    The world doesn't revolve around you and you're not the only one having issues. Glad you are leaving though. Have a nice life. Bye!
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Woahhhhh!!! CuteGamer! There is not one part of my statement that is yelling :/ My response was so you and other players understand I do not work for glu or get paid for anything relating to them, as I get it a lot -.- I understand you're frustrated about your stars but coming on here and having ago at people isn't going to solve it lol!

    Yeah of course there is competition with friends to get there but as I stated if you play regularly and do well on your projects of course you're gonna reach #1 LOL! Played these games for years so I know how it works and the concept :3 Dw you're not the only one with a life beyond the game and the forums! Everyone does including myself xD
  • delicia.turner2@gmail.com[email protected] Registered Users 1 Posts
    Did not receive stars for joining the Disney movie club (265) and paying for the elmo education kit (101). Please make sure I receive my stars. Thanks
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    You are better off contacting the sponsor regarding this or glu. No one on the forums can give you your currency :/ Even though their responses have been lacking too tbh...
  • Panda69xPanda69x Registered Users 60 Posts
    Same problem here. I almost never get any of the "View other offers" Stars or Cash, but at these the regular offers seem to work most of the time.
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Yeah I have noticed this too :/ It really needs to be sorted!
  • jenene312jenene312 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Not receiving rewards im owed like 6000 dollars hell?
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Check your status of your offer. If it says "Completed" you should be able to contact the sponsor.
  • CakeyMichelleCakeyMichelle Registered Users 2 Posts
    Has anyone else had a problem with Experian offers? I'm owed 244 stars, and it's been nearly 3 weeks now :(
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Have you checked the status of the offer? It will tell you if it has recognised it being completed and you should be able to contact the sponsor from a link there too.
  • RhheRhhe Registered Users 1 Posts
    hello, i been playing the game for like weeks now and every time i get alot of fan it never increase it only reduce ion thing that suppose happen and the game is like making me stay only on the D-list what should i do???
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    I have replied to your private message :)
  • Sparrow8273Sparrow8273 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hey guys I have 24 hrs to raise money money for My weeding how do I do it
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    The best way to raise the money needed would be throwing parties in my opinion :)
  • tiffa17tiffa17 Registered Users 4 Posts
    I have had the same issue. My surveys said I completed what I needed but no stars.
  • Josie RodriguezJosie Rodriguez Registered Users 1 Posts
    im trying to look at the little videos for k stars but it dont let me!
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,089 Posts
    I'm frustrated because I was sitting there doing page after page of the 'surveys' that are simply bogus. Do you have diabetes? Sample question. I say No. Then 2 days later I'm getting junk mail about Diabetes. Yet no points. I write to them and their answer is "You must not have entered your email and finished the survey" Yeah? Well then how am I getting email from the Sponsors if the freaking survey didn't go through or I didn't give a valid email?

    Here's another. Download Dolphin Browser - I think 4 stars. I download and surf using Dolphin. no points. I contacted the offer people, they sent the form mail "Send us screenshots as proof" So, listen to this. I open up the Dolphin browser - go to my email, screenshot a) the Dolphin Browser I'm using. The inbox with the Welcome to Dolphin Email clearly in evidence, and directly above that, the Fyber(?) email asking me for proof. one on top of the other. Kinda proves I took the **** browser, shows the confirmation email (those things come maybe 1% of the time, and this is what they asked for) and even shows the reference # of Fyver letter to me asking for proof, and yup. I still can get the stars because they're not freakin convinced. No exageration, between downloading games and taking surveys, I must be owed 100 stars. And, they've given me maybe 11, and that was with me kicking and screaming.
    I also sent them a screenshot that showed 3 tasks, and one said I needed to complete 3 'offers', another 5 offers, they all said I needed to complete offers. Offers mean I buy the yankee candle, and sign up for identity protection etc. Offers mean you MUST purchase. Some $ must go from me to the sponsors. I screenshot the original page showing it was Complete Survey - no purchase necessary, and the status page saying I haven't completed these 3 or 4 Surveys waiting for me to complete (buy things). And I asked them how can it be no purchase necessary, if this shows I did the survey, just didn't purchase anything, if I can't get my stars because I DIDN"T BUY things. No answer. They never respond after I send them proof. Not even a 'go away' letter. They just stop responding.

    So, on my ipad game I get 4 or 5 stars a day for watching videos. My 2 android games don't have that option, we just have the list, and it's bogus. I stopped trying to get the stars they owe me. How do you deal with people who stop responding when you furnish the proof they asked for and still don't get the rewards? Ugh, love the game......hate the free offer people. Seriously - ask me for a confirmation letter, I send it, and now ignore me?
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
    🦋Purple Headed ♊+ 🥥 Chick Playing iOS & Android 🦋
    I Am NOT a Glu Employee
    🌟If you want my attention please send a dm
  • kim xoxokim xoxo Registered Users 1 Posts
    From what I know: No one has due to this being a glitch with either the sponsor or game :/
    Ughh...i can't play the game if i have no k-coins, i have to use it for buy the wedding dress, charming people and buy my boyfriend cool clothes. And i can't go anywhere without money i need it for tranportation, buy So Chic, clothes, and when date my boyfriend, buy furnitures, houses, and for the wedding day and enggaged party.
  • rayshell5556rayshell5556 Registered Users 1 Posts
    I have already completed 3 offers and haven't gotten my 644 in cash or my 18 star coins and it had already been 4 hours. 😡
  • trobinbillstrobinbills Registered Users 2 Posts
    I feel your pain. I'm ****ed I did the survey offers and haven't received my k stars. I'm going to miss out on the black Friday specials
  • phojar1phojar1 Registered Users 9 Posts
    I NEVER get the credit so here is what I started doing:

    While I am doing the offer I take screen shots.
    I email those screen shots to myself.
    I wait a couple hours.
    I go back to the "earn other offers" and hit the question mark in the top right
    I find the offer and click REPORT
    I automatically get an email after I report it
    I reply by attaching the screen shots of me doing the offer
    I save the email until they credit me.

    time consuming but they usually credit me.
  • tngrandfathertngrandfather Registered Users 21 Posts
    Now I can't get Tapjoy to respond to my inquiries. I have six outstanding ticket ID numbers generated automatically by the Tapjoy computer but no one will follow up. One dates back to Nov. 13. 20 days and no followup? I have screen shots documenting every step of the offer, proving I completed it, but I can't get Tapjoy to write back!
  • MsReannaMsReanna Registered Users 60 Posts
    I'm just wondering if doing the surveys really work. I did one and got nothing. Is it worth doing the tons and tons of pages of surveys or am I wasting my time ?
    GC: MsReanna
    Kkh Name: Annabella.
  • simonebankssimonebanks Registered Users 22 Posts
    I have complete offers and received stars. Not many, I can tell you that. I know I've completed more than ten offers and probably have been credited for four or five. I Just stop doing them, plus the game is more fun anyways. You'll get plenty of stars and money as long as you complete missions and level up. I've gotten way more stars from doing gigs than i have filling out offers.
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    It is stupid that the offers aren't working as they should. Sounds like a server issue with the sponsor that as well as them being rip off merchants -.-

    Awesome to read you have discovered other ways to earn them and the game is still fun for you :D
  • NelwerrNelwerr Registered Users 2 Posts
    I have contacted Fyber support regarding the same issue, and sent my screenshots , they sent me a long email saying "the proof is not enough", which is a lie. A week or so later I contacted them regarding two different offers with screenshots as well, they just copied and pasted their first reply (without even changing the name of the offer in their email) it was the exact same reply I got before . Which is just stupid honestly . It's like a robot
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