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anne66anne66 New MemberRegistered Users 3 Posts
How do I buy the so chic boutique? Every time I go in the owner isn't there, I've paid my landlord and willow isnt standing outside


  • morgaine816morgaine816 Experienced Member Registered Users 101 Posts
    My friend and I noticed a similar problem. We both already own the boutique but when we go in later to work or get the weekly money, the manager Luther is not there. Seems like there is a glitch with So Chic in general
  • MimicaponeMimicapone Junior Member Registered Users 70 Posts
    Later on in the game Luther will u call and he will make payments to u. Also later on in the game Simon will call u later to promote your store.
  • morgaine816morgaine816 Experienced Member Registered Users 101 Posts
    But what anne66 is saying is the owner is not there for her to buy the store. My friend and I have noticed separately, and I apologize to anne66 since it seems to have detracted from her question, is that Luther has disappeared. He should be in the store even in between payment times because you can go in to work shifts or to have questions answered.
  • CarrieBradshawCarrieBradshaw Experienced Member Registered Users 107 Posts
    Is willow maybe in another part of LA? Once you find Willow, you'll get to talk to Luther.
  • TessaTessa New Member Registered Users 8 Posts
    Also own boutique and cannot do anything there but pick up my share of profits once a week. No idea what that's about. :(
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Community Moderator Member 3,359 Posts
    Have you guys paid your rent at the deLuxe apartment? You need to pay it before you will bump into Willow which will enable the owner of So Chic to appear in the store rather than Luther :3
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