Free gifts:)



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    GoldnaceGoldnace Registered Users 9 Posts
    Hi, my Game Center is : Goldn_Ace
    I'd really appreciate anything you gift me lol
    I'm not picky
    Thanks a mill love!
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    AruvaAruva Registered Users 37 Posts
    Not sure if you can add me since I play on facebook/computer :)
    But here is my profile anyways!
    https://www.facebook.com/helenangelica88 (Name: Helen Angelica Andersen)

    Very kind of you doing this, any item would be highly appreciated! I am new to the game, or I've been playing for a few days only! ^_^
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    saber557saber557 Registered Users 14 Posts
    Hey I just added you i'm jear bear1234 if you still can and are willing to I would really appreciate any clothes mostly k star but anything thank you so much!!!!
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    apbonnerapbonner Registered Users 15 Posts
    My name is bonner 21 on Game Center .. Anything yu wanna gift would be night ... Is hair able to be gifted????
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    anamariaanamaria Registered Users 27 Posts
    I added you! My gc name is anamaria998. I would appreciate anything. Thanks for the giveaway
    Game center: anamaria998
    Add me!
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    Mizz_DivaMizz_Diva Registered Users 37 Posts
    Thank you for your generosity I just need the outfits that was recently added to make my full wardrobe complete. Thanks in advance!!! :)
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    lil-lannielil-lannie Registered Users 11 Posts
    My game centre id is LIL-LANNIE. Please add me and feel free to send me clothes :) thanks!!
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    sgbratsgbrat Registered Users 25 Posts
    I just added you! my GC name is sgbrat and I'm lisa in the game. I'd love some Halloween items and the new items they added! thanks!
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    kayyykokayyyko Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hey! I just added you on GC and I would love some of the newer Halloween items as well as shoes and dresses :) My username is kayyyko on the game as well!
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    leeighamarieeleeighamariee Registered Users 7 Posts
    Thanks so much in advance. My game center is leeighamariee. I'm fine with any and all gifts ☺️
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    nazzymknazzymk Registered Users 17 Posts
    Hey! I added you!

    My game centre name is nazzmk
    thank you!! ♡
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    trajahedwards2001trajahedwards2001 Registered Users 9 Posts
    I have a Samsung galaxy I don't have game centre so do you have a google +
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    medley054medley054 Registered Users 17 Posts
    Hi there!

    My GC name is: Trish Medley email: medley054@gmail.com
    Anything would be great! If you're taking request though, I would love to have the new gold hoop earrings & big silver necklace. Any earrings, necklaces or bracelets would be great. Any shoes, & would like the brown or white fur. Clothing: the camel jacket w/white shirt underneath, pink flowery dress, short leather long sleeve dress, yellow & turquoise dress, bright orange short sleeve dress, blue & gray flowery dress, nude & pink sleeveless dress.
    These are only requests though. Anything would be very appreciated. I'll try & add you to my friend list too, I need more friends! Lol

    Thank you so much,
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