How do you buy the jet?

HeidiHoHeidiHo New MemberRegistered Users 20 Posts
I want to buy the jet but no one is there to talk to. There is no pilot and the jet is locked. I've been trying for two days. Anybody else having this problem?


  • TamiTami Experienced Member Registered Users 376 Posts
    Is it possible you've been checking the airport, JFK - New York? The door's closed there, but it's open at LAX - California.
  • NinjaUnicorn18NinjaUnicorn18 New Member Registered Users 32 Posts
    You need to buy it at LAX, as Tami said. I think it costs 120 K stars
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  • SukiB35SukiB35 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    Yes, you have to buy it at LAX. I bought it and am loving it! No more spending a ton of money flying around collecting energy!!
  • HeidiHoHeidiHo New Member Registered Users 20 Posts
    I am at LAX. I go through the door and out on the runway. The game says LAX Tarmac in the bottom left. The jet is sitting there but there's a lock on it. And there is no one else around. It's just me and the jet.
  • TamiTami Experienced Member Registered Users 376 Posts
    It might be another glitch then :/
  • Panda69xPanda69x Junior Member Registered Users 60 Posts
    Same problem here, Heidiho. 120 stars burning a hole in my pocket :(
  • HeidiHoHeidiHo New Member Registered Users 20 Posts
    I know. 😕 I've been saving those stupid stars for awhile waiting on something big that I want to buy. Now that I find something, I can't buy it. I've been playing since May and maxed out on pretty much everything so I don't want to reinstall and take a chance on losing everything. I never did any of the cheats so I've earned everything the hard way. I hope this can be fixed.
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