Dating is annoying!

nicole23nicole23 Registered Users 15 Posts
After finishing a date with a duration of 24 hours I only moved up 1 level in the dating ranks! And it seems like im forever in the 50 braket somewhere in relationship ranking and I go on a date at least once a day if not more! So sick of wasting my time and energy on dates! Especially now that my relationship with my husband is maxed out and it just seems pointless and annoying! Time for something new with the whole dating scene I think glu! Anyone else agree?


  • KkmiaKkmia Registered Users 77 Posts
    Yes 100% agree with you
  • artseeartsee Registered Users 16 Posts
    It is..and I broke up with my fiance..but I felt so bad days later that I paid 9 stars to get him back's gotta be a way to avoid the dates. Someone said close out the game when he calls but that doesn't work
  • Wave4295Wave4295 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Yes!!! I completely agree!!! I've been #48 on the dating list for weeks and I go on dates at least once a day or whenever he calls. I feel that since your gonna force us to NOT be at the top of the dating list then they shouldn't have the option to break up with us especially if we took the time out to get married. I spent way too much money on that dang wedding. Please do something about it, I love the married feature but it's still annoying at the same time.
  • MimicaponeMimicapone Registered Users 70 Posts
    I agree my relationship with my husband is maxed out... so I left him on a date lol they will wait forever lol When u call your date don't click on the bubble and leave them... They won't be able to break up with u. Just make sure u remember where u left them.
  • nicole23nicole23 Registered Users 15 Posts
    Lol such a good idea! Definitely going to do this from now on!
  • AlkoholiksAlkoholiks Registered Users 545 Posts
    i have basically unlimited energy and it is still annoying. i've gone a few dates back to back just for a 24 hour date to pop up complete it and get NOTHING for it. no progress up the list after a 24hr date is retarded!
    no i don't have any chill
  • MimicaponeMimicapone Registered Users 70 Posts
    Nevermind I take that back. I guess they fixed that on the last update. I left my husband on a date because I wanted to complete the party event. Which I did... Yayyy! As soon as I stepped outside my mansion lol he called me.
  • MimicaponeMimicapone Registered Users 70 Posts
    How do u basically have unlimited energy?
  • LeyshlaGiselLeyshlaGisel Registered Users 1,328 Posts
    I quite like being with my husband. I just can't stand how his rank goes up and down. I'm successful, let him be too lol. I have unlimited energy as well and those 24h still kill me. It does take a while to rank up on the list which is stupid because before when you weren't married, just a couple, you would fly up the charts. Now you literally work it.
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  • MimicaponeMimicapone Registered Users 70 Posts
    How do u have unlimited energy?
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