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So I've been playing for a while, but ever since I've been married I have been pretty stressed out about the game because my husband constantly asks me to go on dates and most of the time they are 24 hour dates no matter where I go. It would be really nice if we could choose the date durations. I understand not being able to change the duration of the projects but if we could just choose for the date it would be really helpful.


  • TamiTami Experienced Member Registered Users 376 Posts
    It's actually possible to choose how long you want your date to last. If you get a duration you don't want, you can just cancel the date and wait some time (a fellow member suggested 30 minutes) before calling your husband for another date. And don't worry about going on dates with your husband all the time. As long as you go on a date at least once every day, you won't lose him ;)
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