Calabasas Mansion or Hamptons house.... Please Help!!

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Could someone please tell me which house is better to buy like which one holds more people I've been saving my money on the game to buy the calabassas house am now since the update I've saved enough for the Hamptons but which one is the better buy please help thanks
I play iOS and android please update nicki Minaj the empire


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    Calabasas can have 7 guests for a party. An 8 hour party there takes just under 2 hours and about 34 energies per hour. invite 7 people, hit only the small talk buttons over the guests heads, you spend 5 get one Energy back per guest, per hour. So you do that and you have just under 2 1/2 of the 5 stars finished. Run around or wait for another full energy, and don't start clicking again till the small talk pops up over the guests heads again. When you are throwing parties to earn goodies, as part of an event, this will give you the most extra candies for your quest.

    Hamptons is one room and a beach, I don't think that will hold 7 guests.
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    Buy Calabasas!
    *More nearby neighborhoods for ease of energy-gathering (whether or not you have a car, there's more finagling to get out of NY!).
    *Calabasas holds more guests.
    * The dog in Calabasas is cuter. Choose him.

    I love the Hamptons beach and the Corgi's nice enough, but it's a less functional property.
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    I'm even more convinced now... thanks guys! :)
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    Thanks guys I know which one I'm getting calabassas definitely
    I play iOS and android please update nicki Minaj the empire
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    That one will be the next one I buy, too. [:
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