24 hours!!!!!!

KkmiaKkmia Junior MemberRegistered Users 77 Posts
Annoying the life out of me that you now have to wait 24 hours between each gig. Is this a glitch or is every gig going to be like this?


  • ClaireInGameClaireInGame Experienced Member Registered Users 258 Posts
    I have to wait 24 hours too for my latest new gig but I have 4 others gigs waiting so I don't mind. What new assignment are you waiting for? Is it the one with the Marlon Brando (or similar sounding name) the recluse actor? I was trying to buy the new Hampton store and I was sent on it.
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  • LeyshlaGiselLeyshlaGisel Senior Member Registered Users 1,328 Posts
    Most of the new gigs from this update is 24 hours. I'm glad it's the waiting time period that's 24 hours. I wouldn't hate to deal with 24 hour gigs, I'd be annoyed. They take longer to finish them so I'm okay with 8 hour gigs.
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  • KkmiaKkmia Junior Member Registered Users 77 Posts
    I'm on the fashion gigs , where you get choices between different countries , and also a random shoot at popular which could be the gig with the actor you mentioned as I did meet him yesterday
  • QueenSukiiQueenSukii Junior Member Registered Users 120 Posts
    The 24 hour wait is so annoying. I usually go to sleep wgen they're 8 hours and wake up to new tasks to complete. Now I have to wait 24 hours for three tasks and have nothing to do.
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  • BriaBria Experienced Member Registered Users 132 Posts
    I'd rather have to wait 24hrs than for them to actually take 24hrs to complete - those are. the. WORST.
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  • ThatssoalexThatssoalex Junior Member Registered Users 67 Posts
    Yeah, this is annoying me too. My quest for misty isn't acaiablr until like 11pm tonight and I bet it'll be an 8 hour quest so I'll be asleep! But I've only got like 9 more hours on it to be able to get the '5 star rating' and get the dress.
    So annoying!
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