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JuneAprilJuneApril Registered Users 20 Posts
Does anyone know why the spouses are so darn needy? I'm trying to get to fame and fortune and all they wanna do is "we don't spend enough time together" "
This is not working out".Shoot dating cost money why can't they foot the bill every now and again. My own real life husband is not that needy. If I wouldn't lose fan I'd get a divorce, well you know the saying it's cheaper to keep her.


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    VatsVats Registered Users 4,773 Posts
    Try to go an 1-hour date in London, Dubai or Hamptons so you don't spend a lot of energy and k$!
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    EselleteaEselletea Registered Users 700 Posts
    If you want to get divorced you'll lose some fans but you can gain them back quickly. Also to give a little insight on the neediness...it is definitely annoying but I think it's just a way for kkh to challenge the players! Maintain fame, fortune, and a relationship haha. I'm sure it's way hard in real life and I think the game is trying to emulate that a little. Just my opinion!
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    NoonaluvfoodNoonaluvfood Registered Users 1,252 Posts
    Also another place you can date at that is free, and only uses energy is Milan.:)
    Sometimes you just have to roll with it.:cool:
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    SpikeSpikeSpikeSpike Registered Users 29 Posts
    My fav place to date is The Oak in Soho. It's expensive (so don't try it when low on funds) but it's fast and doesnt take a lot of energy.
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