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Do you think there is a way to get all of the items just by throwing parties? What about the Kris Jenners Easter egg hunt? I'm so overwhelmed! Lol
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    Hi QueenSukii
    You can get all of the event points by hosting parties. The Kris Jenner thing is a separate event, that you can complete if you want to.
    Sometimes you just have to roll with it.:cool:
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    How does the Kris Jenner's Easter hunt works??
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    You track down the clues one at a time by meeting each of the Kardashian sisters, doing an event for/with them and they in turn give you their egg. I don't know what happens when you get them all. But it is probably just more eggs to help you finish the task with the full outfit?

    I'm just guessing here about the final outcome.
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