How do I date an a list npc?

Jazz2063Jazz2063 Registered Users 19 Posts
so I have now made it to the A list but still other A listers won't give me the time of day unless I'm willing to spend huge amounts of stars (I'm not) will they speak to me when I have more fans or should I just stick with my E list husband lol. To add to this all the npcs in my game seem to be either A list or D And E I can't even find myself a B list NPC


  • Crystalici0us1Crystalici0us1 Registered Users 66 Posts
    Any NPC's in the game that are higher in rank than you, won't talk to you unless you charm them. That is a huge waste of precious Kstars IMO so I always just kept trying. When you're higher in rank than them, they'll be falling over themselves to talk to you. :)

    Edit: Even if you are an A-list, if they are higher up on the top stars list they still won't talk to you. Like if you're #89 and you try talking to someone who is #86, they'll want to be charmed. The only way they'll talk to you is if you're higher up on the list than them. Pretty snobby if you ask me.. :p
  • Jazz2063Jazz2063 Registered Users 19 Posts
    Thank you I will keep trying then I only just reached the A list so they are all likely to be higher than me still until I get a few more fans 😊
  • xXLucyXxxXLucyXx Registered Users 1,077 Posts
    Hi Jazz you can also date GC/ Google+ friends if they are more famous than you you can still work with them and date them. Personally I can't hold down any kind of boyfriend/ husband in the game because I'm too busy on my grind but it can be done just in case you didn't already know :)
    GC: { Lucyxx }
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