Please add me! consistent gift giver here!

brianna_brianna_ Registered Users 1 Posts
please add me on KKH, I'm new and none of my facebook friends are playing I guess because my friends list on KKH is empty. Or I'm just lost. Whatever. Please add me up and I'll send you guys gifts every time I can. I'm Brianna there. Yay! ;)


  • oxFelicianxooxFelicianxo Registered Users 6 Posts
    Hi! add me on gamecenter :)
    oxFelicianxo is my ID
  • Evenstar __Evenstar __ Registered Users 37 Posts
    Hey! I'd be happy to see you on my friends list, my GC is -Evenstar-

    Add me on GC: -Evenstar-
  • Msshell28Msshell28 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Please add me. GC: Msshell28
  • KlassyKyleeKlassyKylee Registered Users 5 Posts
  • KBennett529KBennett529 Registered Users 15 Posts
    GC: KristenB529

    I plan on returning the favor on sending gifts to everyone that has to me as soon as I have more cash saved up. Buyin the rover wiped me out!
  • PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    Hi, what platform is everyone using? I think friends don't show or they can't get gifts unless both are on the same platform. (If I'm mistaken someone please correct me.)

    I am on iOS (iPad.)

    I like to gift and often buy K Stars, at the moment I haven't yet this month, I went through last month's so fast and had some other things come up in RL budget. But if you have dollar things I will gift those too. Otherwise if I *have* K stars I like to gift something with them. Shoes, or whatever, depending what there is less you have.

    I'm not too bothered about being gifted back, if someone gifts it should be a gift, not an obligation and then it's a nice surprise if or when it happens.

    So if you have iOS feel free to add me...if you don't get gifted right away it is probably because there were no dollar gifts and I am waiting til I buy more stars <3

    OK I tend to over explain Lol Hope that was fun to read, have fun in your game. :)
  • Alissaxx 14Alissaxx 14 Registered Users 28 Posts
    Hi please add me Alissaxx 14 , I need someone to send me gifts none of my friends do :(
  • tedysimtedysim Registered Users 2 Posts
    Please add me on game center - tedysim , Send me gifts please if you have the hack :)
  • Anastasia1211Anastasia1211 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hello, please take your time to add me!
    Much appreciated
    My Facebook is
    Amelia Sandiago
  • arciemayarciemay Registered Users 18 Posts
    I'd love more friends. you can add me at Helena Monroe
  • ingrid kusumaingrid kusuma Registered Users 9 Posts
    hey add me please
    my GC: ingridkusuma
  • Gabriellawilliams20Gabriellawilliams20 Registered Users 9 Posts
    Add me on game centre gabriellawillliams < ❤️
  • amymmkayamymmkay Registered Users 24 Posts
    I'd love more friends, gifts aren't necessary but they are definitely appreciated! I return the favors whenever I can! Anyone who'd like to can send me a friend request! 💕😊
    GC: amymmkay
  • karkar Registered Users 16 Posts
    add me:) my GC is karohsm
  • KategetstokedKategetstoked Registered Users 31 Posts
    My wedding is coming up in the game and I can't afford the wedding dress because I had to start all over and I lost all my stars!!!! If someone could please help me out and gift me a wedding dress that would be amazing !!!! Please please please I'm begging anyone to help !!!

    My Game Center name is Kategetstoked

    That is my name in the game as well !!! Thank you so much !!!! 😘😘😘
  • LINOMORLINOMOR Registered Users 100 Posts
    Stop spending $$$$ we are on strike! Pass the word!
  • LoolaaLoolaa Registered Users 28 Posts
    Can someone send me gifts? My gamecenter name is KCB1000. Name in the game is Loolaa
  • Shazell1997Shazell1997 Registered Users 15 Posts
    HI! My Gc: allstar1997 love gifts and new friends :)
  • Dewwy2204Dewwy2204 Registered Users 21 Posts
    Hi I'll add you on gamecenter! It's always so nice to revive gifts and I always feel so bad BC I spend all my money nd have no k stars so I can rarely gift back these days. I'd love any gifts! And I will try to gift back when I can! My GC is Dewwy2204
  • Lottie-LeaLottie-Lea Registered Users 1 Posts
  • gretinskygretinsky Registered Users 31 Posts
    Thanks a bunch! My GC is James-E-Boy!.
  • GrizletGrizlet Registered Users 3 Posts
    If you are an android user
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