Can't move past #10 on top couples

Jazz2063Jazz2063 Registered Users 19 Posts
I seem to be stuck at #10 on top couples. Have been doing 3-4 dates in a row at the oaks and also hamptons and changing outfits but it's just not moving past #10 any tips help please?


  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 28,992 Posts
    I know we have a few top couples here, congratulations on your number 10 spot. Is Crystal and Chad still up there at number 1? I've been hovering around #32-36 so I'm not good at helping, but in general the longer the dates are helps. And some diehard romance junkies here, were just dating/dating/date/date some more/ go on another date....and that was all before breakfast. I think some serious date grinding might be called for here, but I think the closer to number 1 you get, the harder and more effort you'll have to put into it to keep that final climb.

    Good luck, and when it happens, please take screenshots. I hope there is a great big payout for that, and confetti or something, but it will probably be something quiet, and refined. Low key kind of "Well congratulations. You're the top couple". But seriously, please share when it happens. ;)
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  • mollybrownmollybrown Registered Users 65 Posts
    I get this issue from time to time where I don't seem to be moving up the top couples list.

    What I have found, is that if you keep dating in the same place all the time, the less likely you are to move up. So I always make sure I date in different places to mix it up a bit, and I usually find that I go up 2-3 places at a time by doing this.

    I'm not sure if this is the same for everyone, but it's worth a shot. Hope this helps! :)
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  • VatsVats Registered Users 4,773 Posts
    I feel your pain Jazz!

    I've never been able to rise beyond 28 alone even after a whole weekend dating.

    Sometimes randomly the game makes you climb a few positions. I'm in position 26 now thanks to these random climbs and that was the highest I got.

    But the game also knocks you down on the list randomly!
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  • SabinaCSabinaC Registered Users 200 Posts
    I can't even more past #60. I do date always in SOHO because dates end faster :D
  • Jazz2063Jazz2063 Registered Users 19 Posts
    Yeh Chad and crystal are still #1 would love to knock them off,lol
    Will have to try dating somewhere different bummhiwever ibhave noticed my game gives a lot of 1-2 hour dates with the occasional 4 hour but it's rare I see an 8 hour one.
    I do love the 1 hour dates at the oak, though they probably aren't helping much
  • trevoractortrevoractor Registered Users 1,114 Posts
    I've been stuck at the number 37 spot for weeks.. Everytime I finish a date Im still at the same ranking.
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  • Minne623Minne623 Registered Users 335 Posts
    I have actually gotten to #4 doing date after date after date... In other words spending a whole day doing dates, no jobs. Specially the 1-4hr dates, once it says 8hrs I'm out lol. And of course after a bit the dates catch up on me, since I do them in Oaks which gets pricey. I've done it for the stars... But no luck in hitting #1. I did see someone post something about being a #1 couple. Don't know if they are using a hack or regular game. GL
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