Weekend Event 6/19/2015 - Pop on in for vats of fun!



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    That's the thing though, it can be done if you devote the *whole* weekend to it and don't do much else, but a lot of people have stuff to do, so then the only option is to pour your money into it but is it really worth it? I know this doesn't apply to everyone, some people manage to complete quite quickly but to me it just makes me dizzy and gives me a headache, so this weekend I didn't even bother :D

    Congrats to those who got stuff though KaylaJ I love that glitch! I need the Halloween boots and the magic necklace that makes you sparkly so my girl can have an awesome glitchy wardrobe too :D And the guys are managing to pull off the hairstyle pretty well
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    Vats wrote: »
    First happy birthday Angela! I wish you all good things!

    I'm sorry to have abandoned the party briefly, I had to take time out for me. I'm elaborating my grief over the lost hair. I woke up feverish today, you can avoid thinking about those things, but in the end your body always feels somehow.

    Thanks Shammxo and Noona for your support.

    Eselle I guess that hair gets better with blonde guys, after all is Brad Pitt's hair!

    Oh Koko hope you're feeling better today.

    DMV, I've missed you. I'm also hoping you and your pink hair appear in my game !!!!

    Thanks Dot, you're always very nice.

    About the event, I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I think I can.

    Remember to do gigs of small / local type and avoid high-profile / professional so you lose less energy.

    Keep trying guys!

    Thanks Vats! It was a pretty big birthday!
    Jay #1 :o:p:cool:
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    I'm sorry I wasn't here more. :( More birthday stuff, stuff for Minne and Angela. But that food poisoning made me so ill. I feel like I felt every organ inside, and depending on how much they hurt, I did a mental checklist of what organs I could lose and still survive. llol. Then as I started feeling better I knew I had to tap. well, I wasn't crazy about the stuff. One doll got boots, the others just the earrings. But the good news, I don't think my organs are shriveling up anymore, I think I'm fine. Although I am so super sleepy. I made croissants, no idea Hubby did a butter glaze when he took them out of the oven for me. Unrefrigerated, and a day later I had one, and wham. I was Queen of the Porcelain Throne for the weekend. If you've ever had food poisoning. you know what i mean and I'm sorry for the reminder.

    I'm happy for all the Gemini/Cusp/Cancer birthdays. Today is my late Brother's birthday. He was an awesome attorney. Full blown Gemini growing up with a Cancer. Let's just say it was quite the experience. Happy Birthday Kevin. :)
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    Sorry for your loss KoKo sounds like he was an amazing brother!!
    GC Minne622
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    Oh Koko, that sounds miserable, and I can relate..food poisoning is not a pretty thing to deal with..nor is the porcelain throne by the time its over with(sorry for the nasties..)
    At least though he was trying to be helpful...;)

    Your brother sounds like an awesome man, glad to see you so proud of him.:D
    Sometimes you just have to roll with it.:cool:
    Feel free to PM :)

    GC: Hey guys can't add any friends, I have to work out an issue I am having with accepting friend requests on GC. Thanks anyways!
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