Anyone else get Simon phoning saying a jobs ready but it's not in the goals list.

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So this has been happening for a while, since before the last update. Anyway Simon will randomly call as say a jobs ready to start. But these are not jobs that are in my current goal list and I think although not sure they are jobs I have done. Some of Jobs he has called about are 'fun in the sun' , 'top shot' and now today 'the grand ball' . Thinking about it I think I have now done 'fun in the sun' 2 possibly 3 times.
I did report it to glu but there answer was just that not all goals appear in the goals list and that I will have to complete the job to stop Simon calling about it.
Please tell me this is happening to someone else and I'm not going crazy.


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    Hi. I'm sorry this happened. But 'fun in the sun' 'top shot' and 'the grand ball' all do sound familiar, but they also sound generic. Can you post your platform/device/ level. And can you screenshot the next time it happens. the best screenshot has as much 'open' in the shot as possibile. Have the side tabs open, the bottom goal list exposed as well. Here's a sample,
    This was about a job I couldn't get my screenshot shows as much as possible. I could have closed the tab "Simon will call" but see how everything else is open. So if you can screen shot one of these. when he calls, you can keep that open and showing by not clicking and responding. while that' open, open your tabs. Sorry I'm not more help. But we'll try and help you figure it out. :)

    ETA: We did have a recurring gig glitch, but it was just one gig that wouldn't go away.
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    Thanx for your reply. I am playing on my iPhone/game centre and am currently level 28.
    Will wait till next one then try get s screen shot for you.
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