I can't progress past top #9.

ManjoManjo Registered Users 37 Posts
I keep going back and forth between Top #9 and Top #10. I play all day every day and this has been going on for over a month. I have 309.9M fans. Shouldn't I be further up in the ranks by now?


  • Angela55055Angela55055 Registered Users 142 Posts
    You have to have more fans than #8 does to get #8 rank.
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  • AlkoholiksAlkoholiks Registered Users 545 Posts
    depends on your game. like how many gc/google friends you have and what their ranks are.

    on my one game i'm at 305 million fans and i'm stuck at #16 atm. the top fans is 340 or maybe 60 i don't remember but once you reach the max number of fans you'll jump to number 1
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  • Jazz2063Jazz2063 Registered Users 19 Posts
    I'm #5 And have 310m fans but will needs more than 330 to get to #4 also sometimes I drop back to #6 as the player below me is very close in fans and we keep overtaking each over. Still seems a long way to #1 though
  • ChanrinChanrin Registered Users 516 Posts
    It gets very frustrating when you can't catch up to your friends because they have waaaay more fans than you, besides you can't delete them.. If you don't mind not interacting with them anymore, I'd suggest removing them from your accounts; it won't remove them from the game but it will stop their progress.
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