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I had to restart my game due to issues with my phone, and this time I was determined not to date, guys are too clingy, and it costs too much, but then we had the weekend dating event, and I caved, I thought if I even go on enough dates to get the first box (low on cash at the moment) so I dated one of the guys (finally managed to snag an A Lister ) I can usually only find D and E listers, and I went on 1 date, he phoned me straight away to go on another one, I had just levelled up so I had energy so went on another date trying to get extra hearts, it was a quick hr date so finished it super quick and he has just phoned me again straight after the date, :mad: I declined that as I am waiting for more energy but seriously we went on 1 date and he is phoning me straight after for another date- thought they left that till you were at least further into the relationships

I also had guys I flirted with earlier in the game phoning me up like we were a couple asking me to go to some events with them, why is this game so determined to make you date? and why are the guys so clingy!!!!:mad:

Sorry needed to just get that off my chest


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    I guess they want to give the message that carreer is as important as family..
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