Gifting people that adds me.



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    xSavixSavi Registered Users 4 Posts
    hey there, my Game Center ID is sara.hwang ������

    i'd really appreciate it if you would send a pretty dress or shoes. thanks in advance bub��
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    HollySiskHollySisk Registered Users 3,445 Posts
    My Game Center ID is HollySisk. I appreciate gifts very much and I send gifts too!

    Please feel free to add me

    (My KKH doll is named Dixie Dixon but some players see her name as Holly Sisk)
    I play on iOS
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    RatedRKORatedRKO Registered Users 10 Posts
    Add me :)
    Rated*RKO needs the star in the middle otherwise it's not me, not fussed just gifts are really nice of you :)
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    DDVARGASDDVARGAS Registered Users 2 Posts
    Gamer name: DDVARGAS, anything would be greatly appreciated!! THANKS!!
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    Macy@KKHMacy@KKH Registered Users 2 Posts
    GC: gfinn 8

    I would love ANYTHING! Everything is greatly appreciated. I wear everything people gift me all the time. :}
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    Shaday24Shaday24 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hry I would like to be friends, need more clothes
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    NitaNita Registered Users 3 Posts
    Add Me: Nitac_23 :)
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    jellybeen8jellybeen8 Registered Users 2 Posts
    GC jellybeen8
    game name jen

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    ckay702ckay702 Registered Users 17 Posts
    GC is xchristinakay and I would appreciate anything I dont have yet!
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    paigejoypaigejoy Registered Users 16 Posts
    I'd be happy with anything because I've had to start the game again! GC paigej0y IGN Paige-Joy :)
    Game Centre - paigej0y
    In Game Name - Paige
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    CinderblockcindyCinderblockcindy Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi! My Game Center iD is cinderblockcindy . Anything is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
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    DollfacexxDollfacexx Registered Users 208 Posts

    I'm Mareahh 86
    Maria in the game

    Anything is appreciated
    GC: Mareahh 86
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    Before the dawnBefore the dawn Registered Users 15 Posts
    I would love any gifts from you.

    GC: Before the dawn

    Thank you so much!
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    Mizz_DivaMizz_Diva Registered Users 37 Posts
    Any k star items thanks in advance! My GC id is Mizz diva 88
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    miakimkmiakimk Registered Users 19 Posts
    hi my gc is julitaniewe and my name is Mia in the game, thanks for doing this:) any gifts would be appreciated, especially kstar gifts:)
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    Ludb86Ludb86 Registered Users 21 Posts
    GC and name in game: Ludb86

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    Angel123321Angel123321 Registered Users 7 Posts
    Hi my Game Center is ?__Jacob__! Plus it's my kkh username too. Recently my game reset and I lost everything if you don't believe me please check my account thanks! :3 but my Game Center may be: Maria Isikli too <3
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    DollfaceDollface Registered Users 4 Posts
    Tashii88 I would appreciate any gift preferably kstar items
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    KyreesheneKyreeshene Registered Users 18 Posts
    GC: Kyreeshene
    In Game Name: Kyree
    Anything would help. Thanks
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    DopeJennerDiamondsDopeJennerDiamonds Registered Users 4 Posts
    Lillyyy wrote: »
    Decided to gift some of you guys. I'm Only level 28 so please be patient if you want higher level clothing. Comment down what you want and your Game Center ID. :)

    My GC is DopeJennerDiamonds

    I have most things there's just a few things I don't have and would be so happy if u could gift them to me 😊
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    DollfacexxDollfacexx Registered Users 208 Posts
    I'm mareahh 86! Anything would be great. Thank you
    GC: Mareahh 86
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    Nina123Nina123 Registered Users 23 Posts
    Nairz123 is my gamecenter ID
    Any gifts are appreciated :))
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    AlleperdomoAlleperdomo Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me on Game Center @Kid_r4uhl pleaseeee😭😭😭😭
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    RaayyhoeRaayyhoe Registered Users 11 Posts
    Me!! My GC is raayyhoe😊
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    Andrea7Andrea7 Registered Users 2 Posts
    My Game Center is kimberly791. I would like any type of top/dress, please (preferably higher leveled, and costs k-stars lol). :3 Thank you!
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    KristophersonxKristophersonx Registered Users 18 Posts
    Add me on Game Center I had to start all over again any gift helps! XXFEARxKRATOSXX
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    RoxiePop25RoxiePop25 Registered Users 13 Posts
    ID game center : Angelvin0157 anything will be okay for me thanks in advance :*
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    Big.alexxBig.alexx Registered Users 8 Posts
    Add me please! GC: big.alexx thank you much! Hair and shoes would be super appreciated!
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    crystalready702702crystalready702702 Registered Users 4 Posts
    Add me as friend
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    mikaylachimomikaylachimo Registered Users 2,937 Posts
    GC: mikaylachimo please add me. Anything is appreciated! Maybe some shorts or dresses or rompers or can you gift hair styles?? I'm kinda new I'm not sure if that's possible. Either way I'm not picky and would totally appreciate anything so thank you so much in advance!
    platform: iOS 💞 message me for add info!
    follow my gameplay on instagram: mikaylakkh
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