My husband

SharidySharidy Registered Users 4 Posts
Why did my husband go from an A star to a B star level ?


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    Hi Sharidy!
    Welcome to the forum and it is nice to meet you.

    Is your husband an NPC or Non Playable Character? If so then the reason why he jumps in rank would be because of the computer randomly moving him through the list.

    If he is a friend on GC, Google+, or FB then it could be that he hasn't played in a while, or is completing a comeback.

    I hope this helps!
    Sometimes you just have to roll with it.:cool:
    Feel free to PM :)

    GC: Hey guys can't add any friends, I have to work out an issue I am having with accepting friend requests on GC. Thanks anyways!
  • SharidySharidy Registered Users 4 Posts
    Thank you !! He's a npc I thought I had done something wrong
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