Bianca Show Quest?

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After staying in Milan after tough time with jealous models André invited me to do Bianca's fashion show. Is there anything I got to look out for before I hit the runway? Because Bianca sounds like a tough cookie.


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    When I had that quest before, nothing happened. It was just you walking the runway I think. But I think I remember something happening afterwards.
    Sometimes you just have to roll with it.:cool:
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    Yeah, Noona's right, it's uneventful. I remember it was imitating what happened to Kendall when the other models did mean things to her in Paris. They went from talking about her, rumors, to nasty things like cigarettes in her drink. In the game, nothing much happens from the jealous MeanGirls. It's like an annoying encounter with Willow.They talk about you, then the catty models pretty much ignore you but the rest of the fashion show goes fine.
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