Gifting people that add me :)



  • KristophersonxKristophersonx Registered Users 18 Posts
    Just let me know type of items you'd like, :)
    I will send more the more I level up myself as well!

    Also Just nice having extra friends


    I sent you a request I am XXFEARxKRATOSXX on Game Center. Had to restart any gifts help!
  • RoxiePop25RoxiePop25 Registered Users 13 Posts
    thanks for all the things you sent me :)) you made my day !!! :)) they are all such beautiful things *^*
  • ChristyKayChristyKay Registered Users 73 Posts
    I added you :) My GC is xchristinakay and I'd appreciate any gifts.
  • JamidreamJamidream Registered Users 26 Posts
    Hello! I just added you to Gamecenter! I love this game but don't have many Kstars. There are a few items that I'd love to have but have been unable to purchase.
    1. Gold jewelry-there are a few pair of gold sparkly earrings and necklaces that I love!).
    2. The dress with red on top and black skirt
    3. Fancy red dress with one strap
    4. Skeleton shirts shoes with strap
    6. Black boot shoes (red inside)
    7. Silver peep toe shoes
    8. Blue and white sleeveless dress
    9. Grey scoop neck dress
    10. Multi colored plaid shirt

    Any one of these would make my day! Thank you!
    Please add me for KKH.
    Game Center name:Jamidream
  • MilicaBMilicaB Registered Users 21 Posts
    I sent you request, I need some shoes and pants. Name: MilicaBonc Thank you
  • Shia HadidShia Hadid Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hello, please add me for gifts, send me if you can too!

    GC: MiloGlz
    KKH: Shia Hadid
  • zitronezitrone Registered Users 194 Posts
    Thanks for all the gifts! What can I send you?
  • gemmalouisegemmalouise Registered Users 43 Posts
    No need to gift back :)
    Best gift is helping others to me <3
  • elizabaeelizabae Registered Users 15 Posts
    hi gemma! just wanted to let you know I just added you. any gifts are incredibly appreciated! ☺️

    gc: idkelizabeth
  • Nicole03Nicole03 Registered Users 25 Posts
    Hey is gemmalouise your GC name mines is Mrs ash 090312 any gift would be appreciated and thanks in advanced
  • jessicachsyjessicachsy Registered Users 3 Posts
    Thank you for all the gifts!!! I'm very happy to received it :)) my doll name Jessica Casey
  • LunaLopezLunaLopez Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hiya. I've sent you a request, i'm Danniilouuxo or Luna Lopez in game :)
  • RracchanRracchan Registered Users 5 Posts
    Added you! Anything is welcomed :)
    Daily Stardom & KKH player!
  • gretinskygretinsky Registered Users 31 Posts
    Thanks! My GC is James-E-Boy!. I'd love some dresses!
  • Anniefun101Anniefun101 Registered Users 5 Posts
    Hi I added you wouldn't mind anything at all x my game centre is annie.eganx
  • Marnar93Marnar93 Registered Users 19 Posts
    added you! my name is marnar93
  • iampetermcdowelliampetermcdowell Banned Users 273 Posts
    Hello, send me a gift. Simple Golden Necklace cost of 40kstar. I really appreciated it. Thank you
  • ZoyechkaZoyechka Registered Users 1,187 Posts
    Just let me know type of items you'd like, :)
    I will send more the more I level up myself as well!

    Also Just nice having extra friends

    Hi there! I just sent u a friend request on GC. Any gift u can give is greatly apreciated.
    GC: Zoë Strange
  • iampetermcdowelliampetermcdowell Banned Users 273 Posts
    Hi Zoe strange, send me a gift. Hehe. Thank you in advance
  • Big.alexxBig.alexx Registered Users 8 Posts
    Hi! Please add me? My GC is big.alexx. Any gifts are welcome but hair and shoes are especially appreciated! Thank you so so much!
  • DonCarluchoDonCarlucho Registered Users 20 Posts
    Please add me as a friend and send me some gifts! Game Center name: DonCarlucho
  • Kpaz90Kpaz90 Registered Users 5 Posts
    Just added you. My username is deariekillah
  • Viv3_6Viv3_6 Registered Users 13 Posts
    Hi! I recently had a set back on my game because I lost my phone and didn't have room to back my kkh game up. I completely lost everything. I would greatly appreciate any gifts anyone send to me. Thank you all in advance 🙏🏽 GC: viv3_6
    KKH: Leah pink
  • MrslindseysimmonsMrslindseysimmons Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hey guys upgraded my phone and lost all data!!! Please can someone out there help me out ! Much appreciated! My gamecenter name is LindseyElizabeth
  • MrslindseysimmonsMrslindseysimmons Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hey guys I lost all my game data ! Can anyone out there help me! Please and thanks :). GC - LindseyElizabeth
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