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    CatherineBayCatherineBay Registered Users 372 Posts
    Jihye wrote: »
    Amazingly summed up trufflebutter.

    Only though for some reason I wish I could date Chad Dylan Parker lol bc yeah he's hot but his ego tsktsk. But definitely now that I shot this movie Tale Of Crowns II.

    I thought I was the only one who had a thing for Chad Dylan Parker. I also am continually creeped out by Cassio and have been since he first attempted his one night stand with my doll.

    I also wish we had more LONG wedding dresses. The Kate Middleton one just isn't my dolls style, the feather one isn't long enough, and while I love the short one with the pearl straps I don't like the idea of a huge fancy wedding with the bride in a ****tail dress.

    Nor do I get why they haven't fixed the eye color issue. I cannot fathom giving the option for jaundice yellow eyes or rabbit pink eyes but no blue? Stardom Hollywood (which I hate btw) has more eye colors and uses the same "dolls" yet KKH has less options when generally the game is of a much better quality. No excuse for that Glu.

    Change the hairstyles of the person you are dating or at least be able to remove their hats. Nothing I hate more than a cute male charchter with a hat because often it clashes with many of the outfits.
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    CatherineBayCatherineBay Registered Users 372 Posts
    A few more things......

    I wish we could have our dolls try on items from unlocked levels as well as see the cost of the items so we can plan our cash/Kstar spending accordingly.

    And can we please see how an item looks on our significant other before we buy it. I've learned to be very careful after not realizing pants were shorts or a ring was really an earring but it's not fair to expect us to spend with no clear view of what we are buying.

    I've also noticed I can gift my dolls SO items from the white and black boxes so why can't that be possible with friends?
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    LuzVariasLuzVarias Registered Users 2,707 Posts
    *Could we please choose to have our spouse, instead of the nanny, to hold the other baby in the nursery?
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    kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,114 Posts
    Regarding thread ettiguette - A couple of things:

    • Please don't repost earlier posts, either your own or others.
    • Please offer short succinct suggestions. It's easier for Glu to read and pass along.

    Please refer to the 1st post in this thread if you need refreshing on how to make this an effective thread. Thanks for your help.

    I have one Game suggestion:

    • Let us carry our baby with us, the way we carry a pet in a purse. A baby carrier instead of a purse would enable us to bring them with us, and run into friends with their baby in a baby carrier.
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    pjtantonpjtanton Registered Users 2 Posts
    * Sexier clothing options for the guys (dressing up my boyfriend is kind of boring)
    * More color options for hair/eyes and so forth
    * Specific clothing for certain jobs (i.e. if you're doing a swimsuit shoot in mexico it would be cool if your doll needed to be wearing a swimsuit.)
    * I love accessories please keep them coming for both but especially for the guys
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    Mrs.StJacquesMrs.StJacques Registered Users 1 Posts
    -Make it so we can see our progress in numbers for the XP, not just a yellow bar.
    -Organizing the clothing you already own to the top of the clothing store would help eliminate so much confusion.
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    1rkhachatryan1rkhachatryan Registered Users 133 Posts
    *Can we get a Pet for the Tribeca House and the Mexico house?? Preferably for money instead of K stars.
    *Also I know it says no currency requests but can we have each locations have 3 clickable decorations instead of some 3 and some 2??
    *Also I would love for some more personal quests with Simon and Maria, I like getting to know them more.
    *Some more make up options would also be nice as there really aren't too many.
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    Sandra77Sandra77 Registered Users 1 Posts
    - option to date Cassio
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    CherreyCherrey Registered Users 1,496 Posts
    - more special bonus offers around K stars to save money and get extra items
    - black nail polish (the one in game is dark blue and doesn't go with black outfits in my opinion)
    - an animal shop where you can purchase tortoises and stuff
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    AasiyahhhhAasiyahhhh Registered Users 7 Posts
    More interactive with spouse & child .
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    ticisssticisss Banned Users 811 Posts
    More gigs in new updates. There's only two jobs in Santa Barbara update.
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    ChristyKayChristyKay Registered Users 73 Posts
    I think it's time Ray Powers got some new tweets about our doll and their significant other...I'm tired of hearing the rumor about us adopting a horse or how my hubby is obsessed with my eyebrows.
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    HollySiskHollySisk Registered Users 3,445 Posts
    Let us adopt the horse that Ray is always tweeting about!
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    SpikeSpikeSpikeSpike Registered Users 29 Posts
    What if we could change our personalities. Like, when our characters are standing still they all do the same poses (touch hair, look at nails etc) what if we could change that (kinda like the different poses in the photobooth) so rather than everyone doing the same thing some could choose for their character to be friendly and maybe wave and smile more or some snooty or mean or bashful. With a different sequence of poses (motions) for each personality. Each person could choose one And those personalities would still be in place when we run into our friends' characters throughout the game. Would kinda give the game more personality rather than a bunch of characters just standing in a restaurant patting their hair and looking at their nails over and over during an event
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    ChicCharlotteChicCharlotte Registered Users 571 Posts
    I just downloaded the new update on my Kindle and iPhone this morning. My gripe/suggestion is this; when we've reached various goals and awarded energy, it would be nice if we could go beyond our max energy like we do when we get energy in the gift boxes. I must have lost 50-60 energy points with this download and it stinks, given that I could've used the extra energy to go on dates for this weekend's event. This is an annoying situation when we've reached a new level as well. If you are just logging in and playing for the first time in a while and your energy is full or nearly full, it's disappointing that rather than a bonus of (in my case) 34 energy points, I may only get a few.

    Another suggestion - more hair colors please! I've been anxious for a white/gray/platinum option.

    Thanks for listening. :)
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    ChanrinChanrin Registered Users 516 Posts
    - Make it possible for dates to TRY outfits before buying them.
    - Make it possible to CHANGE NPC's (or at the very least husbands/wives') FEATURES (hairstyle, hair color, nose etc.)
    - More interactions with dates. I have nothing in mind, just FIGURE OUT SOMETHING more than one needy date request per day... (more couple gigs maybe ??)
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    natchulanatchula Registered Users 135 Posts
    Make this available for Apple players and have other options beside the 220 k-stars for $19.99, like the 460 k-stars for $39.99 monthly or more. I would love this game forever, if this becomes possible. I mean, it already is but not for iOS players.

    add me on GC; natbchula
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    SerendipitySerendipity Registered Users 253 Posts
    natchula wrote: »
    Make this available for Apple players and have other options beside the 220 k-stars for $19.99, like the 460 k-stars for $39.99 monthly or more. I would love this game forever, if this becomes possible. I mean, it already is but not for iOS players.


    Yes! Pleeeease???????? I will probably still spend more money anyway, but this would be awesome for iOS.
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    wolfandbutlerwolfandbutler Registered Users 325 Posts

    And don't be slick and put them in the gift boxes like you did last week. I opened TEN boxes last time trying to get some silver jewellery - particularly the necklace, as I have only TWO silver necklaces in my game and neither of them look good with 95% of the outfits in this game - and of course I didn't win anything except cash and energy.

    Give us more silver necklaces. We have been asking you for this for months and you think you're being clever by putting them in boxes, aka dangling the carrot while using a system I'm starting to think is rigged. I spend so much money on this game - don't I deserve a silver necklace I can actually wear?
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    ChanrinChanrin Registered Users 516 Posts
    Does Glu even read this thread ?
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    trevoractortrevoractor Registered Users 1,114 Posts
    natchula wrote: »
    Make this available for Apple players and have other options beside the 220 k-stars for $19.99, like the 460 k-stars for $39.99 monthly or more. I would love this game forever, if this becomes possible. I mean, it already is but not for iOS players.


    Omg yes please add this! but don't add more ads for the people who aren't VIP but have bought k-stars that doesn't seem fair, because there's no way ill be able to pay for VIP every month.
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    Victoria_xoVictoria_xo Registered Users 9 Posts
    - Add the eyes with the lovely eyelashes as a prize in the next event because new players want those thick eyelashes too!
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    KatinkaeKatinkae Registered Users 845 Posts
    I srsly bought so many k stars to try to get the hair in the surprise boxes! I opened like ten boxes and the hair didnt even shop up in one of them?! I allways open up one, yhtr click done, and go open a new one. It wasnt even in one of them :( i feel robbed!! It would be okey if i just clickef the worng box, but the hair was in NONE!! :-(((
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    Carol DavidaCarol Davida Registered Users 6,145 Posts
    Okay so I have a list of suggestions that needs to be added. I will have to say that I am somewhat pleased with this new update. But I still think that this game needs more improvements in order for players to enjoy the game and to be satisfied. (I apologize if I repeated the same suggestions that others have already said on this thread.)

    ▪closet needs to more organized (shoes, pants, skirts, t-shirts, blouses, tank tops, jeans, dresses, gowns, jewelry, purses, bikinis, sweaters, shirts, accessories)
    ●add sneakers, flats, and sandals to the starlets closet.
    ■players should be able to purchased all clothing with either cash or k-stars. Please make those options available.

    Makeup/hair section
    ◆lipsticks needs to have more darker color options for my doll
    ○the nail polish colors needs more neutral colors
    □starlets should have pedicures too (which includes manicures)
    ◇add glossy lips to the makeup section (I still want my doll to have fuller pouty lips)
    ▪add fuller thicker eyelashes to the makeup section (I still want my doll to have a doe-eyed look)
    ¤add more neutral colors for eye shadows.
    ●please make hairstyles more purchase able with either cash or k-stars. (I noticed that there's only two hairstyles that cost cash on this game)
    ■real life friends should be able to gift each other hairstyles (my doll needs a new hairdo every now and then)
    ¤accessories and hats should be separated from hairstyles

    □players should be able to buy some decorations in their homes with either cash or k-stars. (I noticed that some decorations only cost k-stars)
    •players should be able to sell their properties.
    ○the Tribeca home needs to have two pets. The pets should be a bunny and a parakeet. The punta mita home needs a pet there. Please add a chihuahua to the punta mita home. Please make those pets available to purchase for these homes.
    ◆pets should be purchased with either cash or k-stars. There's only two pets that cost cash. (Please make those options available on this game)
    ●players should be able to give their pets a name.
    ¤all vehicles should be purchasable with either cash or k-stars (I noticed that only two cars cost cash on this game)

    ▪when players moved up their ranking, they only have 6 hr, 8 hr, and 12 hr gigs. Please make storyline gigs more shorter to complete (add more 1 hr and 3 hr storyline gigs for players) not only on comebacks
    ◆gigs should pay more money.
    ●give players the option to choose a new manager. (Don't get me wrong. Simon is a good manager, but sometimes he can get pretty boring. I love ryan starr energetic personality. So Glu please make that happen. I would like to have ryan starr as my new manager. )
    ○add new comebacks for players that already completed all 3 (it's taking me a very long time to become the #1 ☆★ on my game)
    ⬜let maria to suggest that players can take a vacation (we're not workaholics you know)
    □players should be able to pause their game.

    ■add more clothing and accessories inside of the significant other closet (shoes, jewelry, shirts, t-shirts, sneakers, suits, scarves, hats)
    🔲let us preview the outfits before we purchase it for our spouses (I don't like to guess what looks good on my hubby before I buy his outfit)
    ●starlets should be able to take off their hubby's hat (I hate the fact that my hubby is very attractive and I can't put on or take off his hat)
    □please make all of my hubby's clothing to be purchased with either cash or k-stars. (I noticed that some clothes cost k-stars)
    •please make our spouses to call for a date every week {specific date} instead of everyday. (It's annoying that our spouses are needy and clingy)
    ■please make our spouses to find a new job since they're unemployed. Hubbies should always pay for dates. (I think that it's rude that starlets have to pay for dates on this game)
    ¤players could buy their spouses new clothing. Spouses should buy us gifts too because relationships are supposed to be 50/50 on this game.
    ▪players should be able to choose how long they want the dates to be (1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr, or 8 hr dates) I can't stand how random the hrs of dates are on this game.
    ◼let players to have home dates with their spouses (sometimes I want to save money because I may be on a budget)
    •couples needs new poses inside of the photo booth.

    Social media
    □let players tweet on twitter so we can get revenge on our rivals (willow pape/dirk diamonds, chad dylan parker, and crystal fletcher) so that way players can make them lose fans
    ▪players should be able to tweet and gain more fans quickly on the news feed, instead of having to wait on completing gigs.
    ⭕ray powers needs new tweets about players with the their significant other (i'm tired of the same old tweets about adopting a horse or my hubby is obsessed over my eyebrows)
    🔳make it easier for apple players and Android players to add each other as friends (it sucks that both are rivals)

    ¤to adopt a baby, it costs 160 k-stars. Please make it an option to adopt a baby with either cash or k-stars ( so that way I can make a decision to adopt a baby if I ever get divorced on the future update on this game)

    That's all I have for now. I may add some more suggestions on this thread if it's needed.
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    Jesslundberg93Jesslundberg93 Registered Users 11 Posts
    Make weekend event items purchasable afterwards. Especially things like those new eyes with the eyelashes and shiny lips. We never get any new things to do with our faces so that would have been nice to be able to purchase those since I missed the event.
    GC is jessmarie1993 :)
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    mikaylachimomikaylachimo Registered Users 2,937 Posts
    -new options for eyes and lips, similar to the recent event eyes and lips. New players want eyelashes too!

    -we should be able to see how clothing looks on our spouse before buying it for them! It can be difficult and a waste of money to just guess what clothes will look good especially for other genders with wardrobes we aren't used to

    -change of hair style for who you're dating! My hubby is great and has an attractive face, but come on, I had to deal with him wearing beanie to our wedding... As well as many important classy events. I understand we cannot change their face features, but if we can pick their outfits we should be able to style hair/remove hats.

    -more neutral colored eye shadows. or an option to wear eyeshadow (less of a giant circle, can be obnoxious depending on the color you chose)

    -naming our pets!

    -any new hairstyles priced in cash not k-stars.

    -a darker/less neon looking shade of blue eyes. Blue is more common than the majority of those colors. There is a very bright turquoise color, which is not the same. Similar multiple shades of green eyes, a different blue would be appreciated.

    -dates at home! And earning relationship points when you "small talk" with a potential love interest (person you flirted with instead of networked) that you invited to your house party

    -flats and sandals! Or sneakers and non-heeled boots. There are more shoes than heels

    -speaking of sneakers, possibly athletic clothing? I would love my character looking like she was going to run or do yoga. Could possibly involve new story lines with volunteering or promoting an athletic company. Many stars in real life do this!

    -(not sure if this is relevant here) not removing willingly watching ads for stars, coins, or energy once you make a purchase which stops pop up ads. I want the option to watch videos to make money! Without having to deal with pop up ads! (Unless this is just a problem for my game. I emailed glu support last week and received no answer... At least yet)

    Sorry some of these explanations are long! Just have a lot of ideas.

    GC: mikaylachimo
    platform: iOS 💞 message me for add info!
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    lespritdescalierlespritdescalier Registered Users 66 Posts
    I apologize if this suggestion has been made before, but I would like to be able to preview the men's wardrobe before I purchase something for my husband. I've tried to buy him pants twice now only to wind up with shorts and some kind of very ill-fitting capri pants. We can preview on our own avatars as well as our babies, so if you could extend this feature to significant others as well, it would be much appreciated!

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    IlanawexlerIlanawexler Registered Users 130 Posts
    I randomly thought about this because I'm full on the parenting achievement, it would be cool if our babies grew into a toddler after maxing out. If this has been suggested before then disregard this message.
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    mattymatmattymat Registered Users 2 Posts
    -more variety of shoes, not just heels ie sportswear/flat shoes
    -make it less hard to get K stars
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    deehunnibeedeehunnibee Registered Users 2 Posts
    - I would love to do more in the game. For example pick you poses in shoots etc. It gets rather draining and repetitive going to a shoot clicking the blue dots repeat. At the start you have a mission/shoot where you can pick whose outfit you like best that was fun. It would be cool if you could do something different more often. Cuz atm the player doesnt even look interested in being there haha.

    -also would love a colour wheel where you can pick you own hair color like ANY color not just the very few there are.
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