Friends not showing up on my game

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I added some people to my circles and they did too but they're nowhere to be seen?
Pics, pics, pics.


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    Ok,when did you add them? And is this Google+ Circles for Android? It takes a while. Everyone has the same complaint. Just keep playing, and they will hopefully show up soon. If this is Game Circle for Kindle, I have no experience with this platform, but I know nothing in instantaneous. I am still waiting for some I added a while ago, and then suddenly another pops up in my list. So there is no rhyme or reason, just try to have a little patience and enjoy the weekend event.

    Nice to meet you, and welcome to the Forum. Why don't you stop in and check out the Weekend event thread? It's like a party thread, and we talk during the event. ;)
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    Yesterday, and yeah I'm on Android. Thx for answering. Nice to meet you :)
    Pics, pics, pics.
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