Weekend Event 08/21/2015 - Surprise Surprise Surprise! (or No Clues to Be Had)



  • ChanrinChanrin Experienced Member Registered Users 516 Posts
    Sorry I was simply cursing... But look what happened overnight

    Do you hear the phone when I call ?
    Do you feel the thud when I fall?
    Do you hear the crack when I break ?

  • NaimonsterNaimonster Expert Member Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    Yay! Ok that took roughly 4 days. But you still haven't appeared in mine...
    PM to add
  • CherreyCherrey Advanced Member Registered Users 1,487 Posts
    DMV_Doll, I thought exactly the same when I saw that dress for the first time :D
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 28,371 Posts
    When I saw the dress, I saw my Grandmothers face above my monitor, saying "A lady ALWAYS wears a slip". Clearly Glu doesn't consider any of us Ladies, because with the right slip, there's be no shadowy outline of our open extremities. So 2 points for Granny, and I suddenly feel validated for having a dresser drawer full of slips. Half slips, slips with slits, slips with bra tops. strapless slips, midi slips, mini slips, Full Slips. And colors................anyway, my doll may look loose, but this Kokonut keeps it chaste with a slip.

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  • HollySiskHollySisk Senior Member Registered Users 3,445 Posts
    My Nana was adamant about slips too AND she was correct! It makes them lay better and no Glu style shadows.
    I play on iOS
  • SabinaCSabinaC Experienced Member Registered Users 200 Posts
    Me neither
    I didn't even get the weekend event :'(
  • KatePillgrimKatePillgrim Advanced Member Registered Users 884 Posts
    Next one will be VIP ;)
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