No Offer to Shop Kim's closet for Kindle?

ChicCharlotteChicCharlotte Experienced MemberRegistered Users 552 Posts
This is strange, but I use the Kindle Fire (which is an Android, I think? I dunno.. I'm ignorant on this stuff.) and I have Kim's Birthday photo shoot available to me, but I did not receive the "Shop Kim's Closet" special offer. I would think they would've been a part of the same update. No updates pending download atm either.

Another odd thing, I received 4 or 5 K-Stars from Kim for her birthday, but did not receive them on my iPhone game where I did receive the offer to shop Kim's closet.

I use Kindle Fire HD (system, current version 7.5.1). Any thoughts or advice on what's going on?
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  • NaimonsterNaimonster Expert Member Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    Maybe try going in and out of your wardrobe, see if it appears? Mine disappeared for a while, and then came back after I went in and out of wardrobe a couple times.
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  • ChicCharlotteChicCharlotte Experienced Member Registered Users 552 Posts
    Thank you for the suggestion, Naimonster! It didn't work at first, but after I restarted my device, then went in and out of the wardrobe again, the offer popped up. Yay! Thanks!
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    Also deleted old Facebook account. Please refriend me if you play iOS.
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    That's what I'd suggest. Kindle is sort of Android, but sort of not. You make purchases through Amazon? Google Play? Next question is a stupid one but has to be asked, is your game a female? I have heard that men's games are not being offered the Kim's closet offer.

    If anyone else isn't getting the offer, can you post game details to see if there's a connection?

    Also ChicCharlotte, can you just go check that there isn't another update for download? ANd shut down your device, open it back up again. If that doesn't work, watch this thread and see if others post with a similar problem. BTW, what level are you?

    Hope this resolves for you and anyone else who is not getting that offer.
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  • Jenruiz86Jenruiz86 New Member Registered Users 22 Posts
    I am having the same issue on my android
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