can anyone help

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im new to kim kardasian hollywood, need friends, and gifts if possible. anything is appreciated. my fb name is susan midgley with a picture of a boy on a rock from utah


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    Hi. First thing to do, identify your platform. You mention fb, are you playing the Facebook game? Or are you playing from an Apple device or Android?

    Then look for threads for that platform, make sure they are current, you don't want to add a player who posted 2 years ago, unless you see they're still active. Then start your own thread, like Facebook player needing friends, or whatever you platform is. That tells everyone right away whether they can play with you or not.

    Then make sure to list all your add info. Your Game Center ID for ios (Apple) games, your Gamer ID or Google+ Id so Android players can add you. Or your FB info (I don't know what's needed for this, I don't play FB) But the key is to put your Platform in the title. THen look for new posts from people on your platform. If their add info is in their signature, that means, go ahead add me. THen I always send a pm saying "HI. I'lm koko, I added you to my KKH game.....)

    Hope this helps. if you want, when you post what your platform is, I'll change the name of the thread to include your platform for you. Just pm me if you want that. Good luck, and if you're iOS or Android, I'll play with you. Give me your add info, or if you put it in your signature, I'll grab it there. :)
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