Who wore it best event issue?

QueenSukiiQueenSukii Junior MemberAtlanta, GARegistered Users 120 Posts
Is anyone else having a problem with this event? I did the first round and tried to move on to the next. It took my 5 stars to submit and then it said it couldn't enter me in the contest.
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  • ElleSElleS New Member Registered Users 27 Posts
    It happened to me too..multiple times. But they gave me the stars back.
  • FindMeIfYouCABFindMeIfYouCAB New Member Registered Users 56 Posts
    It happened to me a few times before it went through. They said it could be caused by a poor WiFi connection. Maybe try submitting your look while using mobile data?
  • BlacChynaBlacChyna New Member My mom house.Registered Users 43 Posts
    Yes they said it was by poor WiFi but my WiFi is very strong.
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  • QueenSukiiQueenSukii Junior Member Atlanta, GARegistered Users 120 Posts
    I've lost 10 stars so far and haven't gotten any back. My wifi is strong too
    GC: QueenSukii
    Instagram: @QueenSukii
    iPhone 8 iOS 11.1
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