Does the outfit matter?

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Hi! I’m wondering if the outfit you wear to the event/gig/appearance matters. As in: if you have a premiere, should your avatar wear a long dress? 
A couple times I’ve had Ray Powers o whoever greets you tell me my outfit is perfect and I get a bonus, but this has only happened a few times. Is it because the outfit matches the event or because of the gold stars/hearts you get when you purchase it? 
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    The bonuses are related to the style points you get for purchasing the items. If you meet the expectations for the gig/date you'll get a bonus star (or heart if you're doing dates) and you won't have to work as hard to complete that gig/date. The goal you need to meet is related to how far you've progressed in the game. So the more you play, the more points the game expects you to have. Eventually you'll earn enough and it won't matter, and you'll get the bonus every time.

    When you start a gig or date, it will show you how many points you need to get the bonus. You can see how many points you currently have by going into the wardrobe and on the top left you'll see a gold star and gold heart. Those are how many star points you currently have. Purchasing more items will increase those points. Just be sure to pay attention to which item you are purchasing. The items that give you star points will have a star in the top right corner, and the items that give you heart points will have a heart. You can also get points for purchasing furniture and stuff like that. Same concept. If it has a star, it gives you star points. If it has a heart, heart points.

    So to answer your question, no, it doesn't matter what you wear to the gig. But it's always fun to dress up for them :)
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    Thank you so much @soundspretty! Cannot tell you how many times I stressed out about not having chosen the “right” outfit lol
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