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Hi dolls,
I made a Facebook for my doll recently and have added some friends in the game. When I first added them, everything was working fine, but now it's like all of my friends are stuck wearing what they were when I first added them. I can tell from Facebook that they are changing their looks quite often, but for some reason this isn't translating into my game.
I would like to fix this because eventually I'd like to be able to take pictures in the photobooth showing off outfits. But this is impossible right now because their outfits aren't updating in my game when they change them.
I've tried completely closing out of the game in the background by swiping it and I've also tried logging out of Facebook and then back in.
If anyone knows how to fix this (must be a connection issue or something?) then help would be appreciated!
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Daisy Darling
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  • VampireBarbieVampireBarbie 1,035 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Update: everything synced as of awhile ago. I'm not sure whether it was closing out of the app or re-logging into Facebook that fixed it.
    If this ever happens to anyone else, I suggest trying both of those things!
    Daisy Darling
    Platform: iOS
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