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    Savagekkh said:
    it is very disheartening that hackers have a glitch that let's them have as many free tickets as they want, so they're unbeatable. 
    We're continually monitoring our game for cheaters and hackers. Solutions are not always as simple to implement as one would think, because we always have to ensure we don't mistakenly block a legitimate user from playing. If anyone sees evidence of a hacker playing Show Your Style, please send that information to me or Kalinda. At the moment we are not aware of any cheating behaviour in Show Your Style events.
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    Is the dress last for the SYS instead of the hair? I don't actually want that hair. Switch it please. Also I like the hair trendsetters hair with the stars than without. 
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    Allegorie said:
    Me when I opened the forum and saw the trendsetters prizes :
    I have no words, everything has been said before. This is sick.

    So true @Allegorie but it still needs to be said 
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    Savagekkh said:
    Calling total BS on this swapping of hair and dress for trendsetters. Glu knows they are wrong for this. Since DAY ONE the hair has always been the last earnable on every single event. They tried to swap them on a VIP and people went mental so they fixed it, like they better damn well fix this.

    I dont want to hear excuses or nonsense gaslighting on why they did this. It's not forum feedback. Nobody asked for this. It's not lost in translation. Pretty sure our customer service reps from Toronto comprehend English just fine. It's clearly a money move, just like every other time they change things. 

    Here's a hint: Nobody wants to grind like heck for a week and not attain the ONLY clothing item there. Wake up. This is so messed up to do. No chance to win clothing for 99% of players. NO CLOTHING ITEM AT ALL. 

    The reason your ticket sales are down (other than that tragically fug hair last week) is because it is very disheartening that hackers have a glitch that let's them have as many free tickets as they want, so they're unbeatable. It makes Trendsetters altogether crap, tbh, as if it weren't already. Hackers have killed the competition, so you need to fix it.  

    Top three or five should get all prizes. It is so uninclusive, it's ridiculous. 
    I call BS on this because I buy like $20 worth of tickets because I can and I want to. Not everyone that gets what they want is a hacker. Glu knows, they go through people's games on the regular. 
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    alexiaKKH said:
    Ugh, just when I thought Glu couldn't sink any lower... Switching the hair and the dress is not what we asked for and you know it. Now you have two options:
    - Keep ignoring our valid complaints and lose your customers (it's all over social media, people are seriously done being treated this badly!)
    - Prove you actually listen to us and fix this before the SYS starts (you've swapped items before, remember?)
    So which one it's gonna be, Glu? Do you actually care or not? We'll have our answer tomorrow...
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    I'm still laughing over the hair 
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    LET ME GUESS. The bots/NPCs with unbelievably crazy high scores will get the 1st prize in the trendsetter event. 🤷

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    SugarK said:
    Actually I can think of a few examples of Glu making changes in response to our feedback. 1) They changed a jacket that we said looked basically the same as one in our closet and made that prize a vest instead 2) they changed the colour of shoes from red to blue 3) they switched the order of earnable event prizes.  We are not providing feedback for naught, Glu has demonstrated they can respond positively and THAT is why I personally continue to advocate for improvements I, and others, would like to see. 

    If I had more energy I would post examples but many players will remember the situations I just mentioned 🙂
    i remember these and this is how we know a change a day before the event is 100% possible
    it's clear that everyone is upset about the change, a business is a 50/50 thing and right now we, as customers, are getting nothing

    i'm going to be truly amazed if nothing changes and 4 pages of complaints get ignored

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    i don't care for the trendsetter prizes because i know that there's gonna be disparity in the scores. last two times i always got one person buying tickets once, and that was enough for them to be perpetually on top no matter what. for example, let's say i buy 12 tickets once. i make 12 mediocre outfits that gather 10 points each. that's 120 points that will put me above people who aren't paying themselves to the top.

    as for sys i still have to wait 6h between tickets, and you basically have to start on time if you want to complete the event, as well as pray you get between 45-50 votes each time so you even have a chance to complete it. the items are ugly lmao so i'm not pressed (nor impressed), but tbh this whole thing is just... not enjoyable. this systems sucks so much my guys tf you doing.

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    Sad to see there’s people who don’t have to worry about if they’re going to make their rent, or be able to keep their phones on, or if they’ll be able to get food for the entire month. Sorry not everyone can throw money at a game. For some people this game makes them happy, it makes them feel rewarded. So, when those people realize they don’t even have a chance, it’s not fun anymore. So before you start running your mouth, remember not everyone lives the same life you do. 
    i think that regardless of the reason, fact of the matter is that this is an unfair system all around, even for those who can throw money at the game, because if there's another person in your trendsetters group who also has money, it becomes a bidding war. like i've been put in groups with two people who clearly had money to throw and it became a blood bath. entertaining to see, but still unfair (for them).

    what honestly p******* me off about this is the thinly veiled attempt at making it look like a contest. it's not a f***ing contest, it's a bid war, let's keep it 100. they've made the sys dependable on trendsetters. in a way you're paying yourself to the top for both sys and trendsetters, except with sys you might have a chance if you keep a consistent score, although god forbid you don't begin right when the event starts because otherwise you're f***ed.

    i mentioned in the past it makes sense they're pulling cash grabs more strongly than usual. kim's contract extends until june 2020 and i am pretty sure that after that, the game will stop updating. it makes sense and i personally don't mind it because i knew it wasn't going to last forever. but if we're going to be all mOnEy TaLkS, then treat the people who give you that money with some consideration. you want my money and that's fine because #capitalism, but i want something in return. for example, putting a cap on trendsetter scores, and reducing the amount of time you have to wait between tickets from 6h to 4h. it makes no sense to make the waiting time (and event duration) so long other than "it makes us more profit". it's just the blatant cynicism what gets to me, and as someone who's been playing this game since the beginning, this didn't happen before. i think that most of the forum posters can agree with the fact this wasn't A Thing back then, either.

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    Gosh, a silver clutch, a moon necklace, and a white rose corsage? I'm so excited to have deja vu over things I already own

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    let me know and i'll approve quicker!

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    With the last SYS, I didn’t care about either hair prize. So I started late and didn’t submit tickets on time. I did pretty decently on my scores, but it wasn’t enough, and I didn’t care. I came in 4th place on trendsetters and didn’t care, because I won the dress. Now I can’t even look forward to that. I’m about 2 seconds from walking away from this game, I already feel myself pulling away from it. With this SYS event, I’m not even going to bother trying, because what’s the point? To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.
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    I usually plan looks the night before the SYS starts and my closet is seriously lacking for this theme :/ 

    Anyone want to share some ideas/items they plan to try?
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    @mikaylachimo and I going shopping for some Parisian outfits. We are getting those Balenciaga shoes, those that looks like socks and gowns. Lotsa gowns. 
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