No response from (TapJoy) customer support after a month

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Has anyone had this happen? I did an offer for 200 gems Walmart app purchase December 24, 2018. A request pended for a month with no response today the request disappeared so it looks like I never even did the offer. I never even got a response.


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    Im having the same issue about looking like I never did the offer! I hope you get an answer soon. Does anyone know how long does it take for a post to get approved??
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    Hi.  @Ana if you have an issue with an offer for free stars, you have to send a help ticket to Tapjoy.  Your question about how long for a post to be approved confuses me.  a post to TapJoy or here?  If it's here first off Glu does not handle the video offers for stars, that is tap joy.  Now, I'll go see about a missing post of yours.

    But I'm sorry you are both having a problem.  If you can't contact them again on the offer you made, start another offer a junky one you don't care about tap it so it shows up as an offer in your list.  then when the waitingtime is up it will give you the button to contact support.  Make sure you have all the info, ticket numbers, etc about the original offer.  Include that in your ticket to them.  It's a backdoor approach but tenacity has paid off in at least 2 cases. 
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    I had the same issue & wrote a bit about it here not long ago. They did finally answer me but waaaay later, maybe two months and I'm not sure from which request. I luckily took screenshots of their case number they generated too. I think that helps.

    I have another offer I requested assistance from Tapjoy on in the app that's been sitting there for a couple weeks now & am hoping I get an answer on that one before it disappears too.
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    I did an offer for 75 stars and have been waiting for a month as well, so thank you guys for the feedback. 
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    I’ll share my experience, too in case it’s helpful:

    I had completed an offer for approximately 200 k-stars and eventually got paid, but it took 2 months after completing the offer.

    I was super worried because it was hard to complete (and VIP was coming up). Luckily the offer was listed in my pending offer list, (and I had screenshots of EVERYTHING) so I submitted a support request after a few weeks of no stars. Unfortunately, TapJoy never responded.

    I tried to contact them using the email address from a previous support ticket, but got an auto-reply saying that the system would only respond to emails with subject lines containing an accurate case number (which I didn’t have, because they never responded to the initial support request). The only thing I could do from the offer status was change my email address to a different one. I tried emailing a few more times, got the same auto-reply, then took a break from stressing about it for the holidays.

    Two months later, the k-stars mysteriously appeared.

    So all in all, I empathize with you gals. I’m relieved to get the stars, but also feel kind of hesitant to complete the harder offers in the future (some are quite unpleasant!)
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    I am so glad you finally got your stars.
    My advice when you Decide to do an offer start your screenshots.
    Also don’t try and open up another window or copy and paste they want you to continue through from the original screen .
    read all the details. Screenshot that too.  

    Fyber let let me sneak in on a new offer number, but maybe because I had my orig number in the body. 
    I’ll Have to modify my advice from now on.  Thanks @Rikk

    and thanks for sharing your success story.  
     I’ve stayed away from the offers since last year when the five dollar shave club kept my five dollars didn’t give me my points and didn’t send me the shave kit. And it’s not worth five dollars of my time to straighten it out lesson learned. Lesson I learned was do not deviate from the original screen.  ;)
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