🖼️Photo Ops Continue - 5 Year Kimiversary Forum Photo Shoot



  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 3,867 Posts
    Hope things look up for you soon @Danizzle. 😊 Looking beautiful everybody 
  • MarianiPoizenMarianiPoizen Registered Users, Member 2,008 Posts
    edited June 2019
    I have everyone's pic up to this point.  Please don't make any changes.  If you haven't posted yet......Submissions Close Sunday night. Thanks for your help in this.  We want to make it a great photo shoot, and  hope everyone likes it.  :)
    @MarianiPoizen  I'll go find you and see what you're wearing.

    @kokokokonut thanks, yes we do play together on iOS, did you find my doll? I think it's just my iPad it's getting on a bit so it's just not cooperating! I did try taking photo of my screen using phone, which I posted further up, but the pic isn't great so if you've found my doll on your game, use that one instead.
    I play on iOS
  • Rxghida_Rxghida_ Registered Users, Member 158 Posts
    Id like to participate but im a Facebook player :P
    If you dm a photo of your dolls facial features and what you would like to wear I can re create you in my game and take a photo so you can join!!
    Can you make my doll please? 🥰
    i wanna participate 
  • kaydencekkhkaydencekkh Registered Users, Member 1,653 Posts
    Here’s @LovelyEmma
    iOS player!
    add me on Facebook: kaydencekhh 
  • LovelyEmmaLovelyEmma Registered Users, Member 4,384 Posts
    Here’s @LovelyEmma
    OH MY GOD!!!
    Emma looks soo good on a photobooth :3 I never tough i could see Emma strike a pose for a photo <3 
    Also loving seeing Emma rocking a Fashion Goals hair :3 Looks great on her :3
    Platform: Originally Facebook and then played 2 days as Android
    Current Level: 72
    Ranking: 1+++
    Daily KKH player since around May 2015 entil early December 2020
  • dotti_hdotti_h Registered Users, Member 614 Posts

  • DanizzleDanizzle Registered Users 753 Posts
    Rikk said:
    Hope things look up for you soon @Danizzle. 😊 Looking beautiful everybody 
    Thank you @Rikk
  • LisylisLisylis Junior Member Registered Users 927 Posts
    Hello it's me, showing up late in an over-the-top dress as usual. I would love to be part of the 5 year celebration, I've spent longer playing this game than most of my real life relationships whoops

  • mikaylachimomikaylachimo New Member Registered Users 2,937 Posts
    I’m late but I’m here!! 
    platform: iOS 💞 message me for add info!
    follow my gameplay on instagram: mikaylakkh
  • pilirositolampilirositolam Registered Users, Member 1,063 Posts
    I’m late but I’m here!! 
    Literally, I’m planning to buy your whole outfit in the TB sale, I didn’t have enough stars last year
    I just created a fb account for my doll! Her in-game (iOS) name is Francesca. Add me: https://m.facebook.com/francesca.kkh.5?ref=bookmarks 🧚🏼‍♀️✨💞
  • DevonYangDevonYang Registered Users, Member 29 Posts
    So I am really new in this forum but I'd love to participate!

    Level 35
  • AngelineJAngelineJ Advanced Member Registered Users 1,511 Posts
    edited June 2019
    Sorry to submit my look so close to the deadline. I really love this SYS dress!
    Thanks to dolls who are doing the edit for us. Happy Kimiversary! 💖

    🍎 iOS dolls📱  
  • luvs2gruuvluvs2gruuv Registered Users, Member 1,999 Posts
    I’m late but I’m here!! 
    I like your hair! I haven't seen that before.
    Platform: Android/ Doll's name: Syndy KKH
    Level: 73/officially ran out of old story lines at 72
    Ranking: A+++

  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 3,867 Posts
    Thanks for the giggles @HollySisk
  • HollySiskHollySisk Senior Member Registered Users 3,445 Posts
    James says just because Glu stopped creating content for male dolls that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be part of the celebration 

    I play on iOS
  • KaylaJKaylaJ Senior Member Registered Users 2,954 Posts
    Is this Ok?

    I  even turned off my snowflakes 
    Find me on FB facebook.com/jasperkkh.37669
    let me know and i'll approve quicker!

    2020 Graduate of Clown College
  • NaimonsterNaimonster Expert Member Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    I assumed guys were not welcome since they faded out, but after seeing Jon and James, Jax had to join!

    PM to add
  • haftimehaftime Advanced Member Registered Users 970 Posts
    So I haven't been on the forum in ages but I heard about the celebration through the grapevine and had to come be a part of it! It's great to see everyone, and wow your dolls all look fab! Here's Everly ready for the gala! I made sure to put her in short hair-- it's her signature ;) 

     Thank you for putting this together!

    My doll's name is Everly Rook, I play on iOS, and I'm on FB at facebook.com/everly.rook. 
  • elettrahereelettrahere Registered Users, Member 1,917 Posts
    I’m late but if I’m not wrong I can still participate!

    iOS player 🤠
  • Lia888Lia888 Registered Users, Member 898 Posts
    Thanks for putting this together. I’m excited for the 5th year Kimiversary!

  • HollySiskHollySisk Senior Member Registered Users 3,445 Posts
    I assumed guys were not welcome since they faded out, but after seeing Jon and James, Jax had to join!

    How funny that we all used J names for our guys
    I play on iOS
  • NaimonsterNaimonster Expert Member Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    PM to add
  • kristiazdkristiazd Registered Users, Member 44 Posts
    Here’s me and my hubby Avi! ❤️ Thanks for doing this, ladies!
  • zepphriuszepphrius Registered Users, Member 209 Posts

  • Silz1217Silz1217 Experienced Member Registered Users 731 Posts
    Better late than never lol 😆 

    IOS platform

    K&k Chanel level 27
    kkh Rachele level 24
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 28,359 Posts
    edited June 2019
    You weren't late.  just in time.  Closing this now so we can get busy(er) making the magic happen.  Ok, you all made the magic happen.  Now we'll just put it together.  Closing this for now.  :) Thanks everyone who participated. 

    edit 6/23
    <3 Well Happy Kimiversary Everyone.   <3
    Get ready to thank your Graphic artists, because the Photos are coming soon.
    Please don’t post your comments  till all pictures have all been posted, ;)
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
    🦋Purple Headed ♊+ 🥥 Chick Playing iOS & Android 🦋
    I Am NOT a Glu Employee
    🌟If you see a problematic post please dm the link🌟
  • TrashleyKKHTrashleyKKH Registered Users, Member 4,436 Posts
    Ermagerddddd. Thanks @webra! These are fantastic!!!
    IOS Player 
  • AbbeymaeAbbeymae Registered Users, Member 761 Posts
    This isn’t amazing!! Thanks @webra 💗💗💗💗
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