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Hi, I've spent the past few days trying to deal with Glu Support via the game, and I could cry with frustration - after countless messages back and forth with countless individual Glu support staff who didn't even appear to be following the conversation and kept telling me different things, they have now closed my ticket without resolving my issue and I have no way of accessing the ticket or reopening it. "Disappointed" doesn't even begin to cover how I feel right now.

My problem is that my mid-week throwback events are no longer letting me earn throwback boxes. Instead, my last reward is k-stars. Now, that would be normal if I owned all the throwback items - but I don't. When KKH updated and added more throwback items a few months ago, I was able to start earning throwback items again. Then, all of a sudden, it went back to k-stars. Needless to say this is obviously a huge glitch.

This is a screenshot of my throwback box in May. I know for a fact I do not have the jacket, the boots, either earrings, or the long hair in the bottom right.

Then suddenly one week I'm no longer offered a throwback box and can only earn k-stars.  This is what my mid-week event looks like now.

Like I said at the start, I've tried solving this with Glu Support via the "contact us" option in the game. I wish I could transcribe the back-and-forth I had with them so you could understand how painful it was dealing with people who didn't want to help me and didn't seem to understand what the problem was (literally the last message I received from them before they closed the ticket was them explaining to me what a VIP event is and how I can earn k-stars in a VIP event - WTF???????) But now, not only can I not access that ticket, it won't even let me create a new one. Sooooo I'm hoping using this forum will be more helpful. I just want to be able to get my throwback events back - I spend quite a bit of money on this game, surely it isn't too much to ask that this glitch be fixed?

Please help.... thank you....

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    @wolfandbutler2, the problem is, Glu has separate "through dates" for TB boxes, vs TB Kollections. The TB boxes only go through December 2016, whereas the TB Kollection items go through February 2017. It is definitely a bummer for those of us that have all the items, that they have only had TB boxes for many weeks in a row now. We have been begging them to update both TB boxes and TB Kollections forever, with no results.
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    Thank you Ali for your comment. I’m still confused - if I don’t have all the throwback items (see my first screenshot where I still don’t have most of them), why am I no longer being offered the opportunity to win them in a throwback even.

    edit: okay wait I think I understand what you’re saying - so my items are only offered in the kollection events, and KKH haven’t had that for a few months now? 
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    @wolfandbutler2 that’s correct. TB Kollection vs TB Gift Boxes have separate “pools” of items that appear. You own all the TB gift boxes, so stars is your prize. If they bring back the TB Kollection, then you will have items again.

    How sad is it I know more than Glu’s in-game support?!
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    Thank you soooo much for explaining this to me Ali! That makes sense. Now I'm just confused that Glu couldn't give me this answer when I started a ticket almost a week ago lol. Glu should hire you for in-game support instead of the useless dummies they currently have. Thanks again love :smiley:
    GC: wolfandbutler2 /// IG: wolfandbutler.kkh
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