🗳️ SYS -9/5/19 - Theme: World Traveler (Happy Birthday Kalinda!🎂



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    Maree_kkh said:
    If you want more people to buy tickets ie more money what sense does it make to dock 20 daily kstars to 5? You're preventing customers from the possibility of the ticket buying as you punish paying customers. If you've paid, keep the game ad free but everyone deserves 20 k stars regardless of in game spending.
    I'm less and less interested in playing something i'm bound to lose.
    Apologies for the essay, i've had 2 ticket buyers this week for the 3rd week in a row .
    I do agree with everything you’ve said but your last statement speaks volumes. Some people like me don’t even get any free videos/surveys to earn the free stars. There’s even no option to earn anything for free except for the energy recharge. If I didn’t pay £49.99 per month ( which by the way is a ridiculous price to pay ) for the gold vip I’d be a completely broke girl without any stars at all. 😂
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    Looks 11-14, I’m really nervous, at the time I’m on first place, good luck to everyone except ticket buyers lol 😂 

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    I got first!!! I’m so happy, I love the pink neon hair so much, and the dress is super cute! I got lucky and had no ticket buyers in my group 😁🤗
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    Okay, are they ticket buyers or hackers because these players go WELL over the needed ticket amount to win. SYS isn’t fun anymore. 

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    This is outrageous!! I got first place and I didn’t get the hair, I picked up my prizes right away, I even screenshoted it right before collecting them!! Help pls, I can PM you my ID number if you need it @eggsandbananas @KalindaKing

    I just created a fb account for my doll! Her in-game (iOS) name is Francesca. Add me: https://m.facebook.com/francesca.kkh.5?ref=bookmarks 🧚🏼‍♀️✨💞
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    I had to buy a ticket to get the earnable dress and came in third which I am ok with. I liked both dresses.

    i really want to say that everyone seemed to really blossom with this theme it was so fun to see all the airport divas and I think  my group really embraced the challenge. 

    Also, thanks to everyone in the forum for sharing their looks and ideas etc they were really helpful and so many cute outfits.

    My personal fave look didn’t score so well but I’d totally rock it on the jet.

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    Now she has 61 points more than before and she hadn’t change her outfit in over 7 hours! That’s a straight lie 

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    Second place. Per usual. 
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    @Rikk thanks for showing some male looks!! It’s a nice change to see! And your doll looks fabulous in the pink pony, adore your outfit choice too!
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    My TS group was super chill and I got 1st place even though some of my scores were horrible lol I wish all SYS were like this! And I love this ponytail 💕

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    Thank you very much @EmCharlotte 😊 I love the male fashion in the game and I wish there were more opportunities for male players so they would play more and share on the forum! I miss seeing guy looks!

    ps I love your outfit! That latex top is sooo cool!
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    @haftime  Dixie  @jaeann  @Basak

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  • daphnekkhdaphnekkh Registered Users, Member 158 Posts
    are you okay @SisSnappedLikeThanos ???? hoping you are feeling better from earlier with the disrespect that is salad yeet sauce lmao 
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    All the looks!!!

    Was 1st for a bit then another doll pulled ahead last minute 😢...must've really wanted that ponytail. It's all right though *sniff* got plenty more things to look forward to. Just a teensy bit sad, BUT really glad I managed to get to the end this week!

    That's enough traveling for the week doll, get back to work! We got stars to earn back!
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    Congratulations! You came in first place, but thanks to all-consuming capitalistic greed and a consumer-driven mindset, you’ll lose the top three prizes to psychos who bought enough tickets to get their score to 1,000+, which is not even remotely logical considering the maximum score you could even legitimately get, by receiving a score of 60 across all 14 looks, is equal to 840.

    Tickets still being sold when someone has far surpassed the actual score of perfection? That seems reasonable.

    I spent like 200 stars on new items for this event, which I subsequently won, and the “reward?” FIVE bolts of energy (for you to partially complete ONE action!), 8 stars (you can’t even buy one new slot in your lookbook with this), and a yellow jumper/dress/who cares that’s nearly indistinguishable from the one 2-3 weeks prior, whenever I won/lost the picnic SYS.

    Can’t decide which underwhelming yellow garment to wear first! 
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  • pilirositolampilirositolam Registered Users, Member 1,063 Posts
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    Really happy with my rewards 🥳

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    Came in second due to a ticket buyer. I think the yellow dress is cute but prob won’t be useful for another year since we’re entering fall/winter! Also like it bc it’s the only outfit I would ever use that orange slice clutch with lol 
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    I could've bought a ticket and probably got first, but I wasn't in love with the pony tail and decided to save. For the last few wks I've had chill groups which has been really nice and I hate that so many others have seen ticket buyers/hackers. I like the shorter SYSs, but I kinda wonder if more of the latter are getting thru because we just think they're buying

    Also, I wonder how many of us would use more tickets if the ponytail and gold dye was available for the top 3
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    Sorry in advance for the long post.
    I'm so angry and sad right now... I loved the trendsetters ponytail, and I've been in first since the beginning of the event, but obviously I had a ticket buyer pop up earlier today, (she had been in the top 3 but submitted at least 2 extra looks and passed me) so I decided to wait until the last 30 minutes to submit my last look so I could possibly pass her... Well she also waited until the last 30 minutes to submit all her extra looks. And because I've had a really really bad week I decided to use a couple of my tickets from the android glitch... Well bad idea... she submitted about 4 or so extra looks, I submitted 2, and we tied...BUT because she is pure evil she submitted 1 more look, so I submitted 1 more...then I lost connection, by time I got my game relaunched there was less than two minutes left, and she had submitted another look... I lost by 2 points. I'm pretty annoyed right now... Mostly at glu because they designed this event in a way that is extremely unfair and I know they are never going to change it.

    Oh and I also have to mention this, I always start the event about two hours late because it's easier for me to submit at certain times and because I usually get chill groups, but the girl that beat me was submitting all of her looks about two hours before me, so I assume that I got sorted into a group with someone who started at the very beginning of the event.
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    Happy for all of you that ranked first ✨ well-deserved, I loved everyone’s airport looks! as for the rest of us... guess we’ll just have to wait until next September to be able to purchase that gorgeous ponytail with diamonds lol
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    Well, as if this SYS wasn't already a total mess for me... I was second during the hole event, sometimes I switched to the third place (which I'm okay with) but I always managed to get back to second. I couldn't "beat" the male doll who was first, and I'm already super frustrated because of that wasted prizes but that's not the topic here.

    I launched my game and suddenly I was at the 5th place ?! There was some doll's names I've never seen before during the event, this is really getting ridiculous honestly. The amount of tickets that certain people are buying just to get some digital clothes/hair is beyond me, especially when they put no effort into their looks and submit those wedding gowns and base game clothes. Don't get me wrong, if you're buying an extra ticket or 2 because you want an earnable/1st place and if your looks are actually MATCHING the theme it's totally okay. What is not okay is buying ridiculous amount of tickets just to submit some 225$ white t-shirt with a blue jeans.

    The SYS Event is not even fun anymore, instead, it's all about how much money people can spend for the first place. It's exhausting.
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    I gotta be honest here... ticket buyers are super frustrating and all, but usually in a group of 30 there are 1-2 of them. That's really not that many? I know mobile games generally rely on "whales" for the lion's share of their revenue but I can't help but think they'd generate more sales if maybe they expanded the top 1 gift + gold dye to top 3, and the top 5 gifts to top 10 or something. What do you guys think?
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    girl you really wanted that hayuuuuurr. WERK. 
    i’m taking my 3rd place knowing that my competition was clean and fair. 
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